Agas-Agas Bridge zip line

Also demonstrated to the viewing public during the formal inauguration of the Agas-Agas Bridge recently was the potential for the zip line thrill.

Here are photos taken during the set up and initial trials and demo by the extreme sports group Power Up and friends August 8, 2009 – a day before President Arroyo formally opened the viaduct.

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Cham Garrido couldn’t resist giving it a try…



~ by gerryruiz on 23 August 2009.

5 Responses to “Agas-Agas Bridge zip line”

  1. maupay na gud na mayda something “modern” na natabo sa was in november 1999, some typhoon that i forgot the name.i was a lab supplies salesman then, on the way to maasin.i had to climb on someone’s back for 20 pesos to get over a landslide.then ride a habal-habal. only to find out that it was some 5 landslides more that i had to get through.finally i almost reached sogod town near sapangdaku river. there, the habal-habal driver maneuvered through the washed down road.when we get through the road, a truck came head on with us.the habal-habal driver maneuvered to the right, falling on the knee-length mud of rice paddy.nevertheless, i pushed on to maasin with my barong tagalog and muddied pants and attache case.when i came to maasin it was declared calamity struck.some kind of luck.but i reminisce those assignment in region 8, was great to muse but hate to come back.hehehehe

  2. great,,,,,i will try that one of this days.
    hope i can make it guyzz….wait for me.
    jem “.

  3. nindot jud ang ato nga lugar pro agi-anan u bagjo but still it is beautiful. i love maasin and i love southern leyte. it’s a paradise nothing can compare. am seeing to ride on that zip by next month sa amo nga reunion sa sjc batch 79rs. go southern leyte, go…go…go!

  4. 🙂 i’m so proud to come from leyte :))

  5. i love it pud southern leyte… my home land

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