Agas-Agas Bridge rappelling

With the Agas-Agas Bridge now formally opened to vehicular traffic, the local government of Southern Leyte now moves to turn the P1.024-billion bridge into a haven for extreme sports enthusiasts who are into bungee jumping, rappelling, paramotor, downhill skateboarding and zip lining, among other extreme sports.

In order to showcase the bridge’s potential for these type of sports, organizers invited a group of extreme sports buffs from Manila and Cebu for an exhibition during the bridge’s formal inauguration by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo last Sunday, August 9.

Joey Cuerdo and company of Power Up, together with skateboarding champions from Cebu, Jason and Cham Garrido of Bukid, as well as other extreme sports disciples were on hand to demonstrate their skills in these fast-catching, adrenaline pumping type of sports.

We were there with the team Saturday for the set up and knotting up of all the necessary ties, links and equipment.

Here are some snaps I got during the setting up and preparations, as well as the rappelling practice session from what is now the tallest bridge in the country…

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90808AgasAgasW-3901 90808AgasAgasW-3907

90808AgasAgasW-3908 90808AgasAgasW-3909






Up next: rope jumping!

~ by gerryruiz on 11 August 2009.

21 Responses to “Agas-Agas Bridge rappelling”

  1. Sir Gerry! We can do birding in the area at the same time do the extreme sports!!!

  2. Ray, birding is spotting and taking pictures of wild birds. its kind of a hobby. That’s the thing being in our club, Wild Bird Club of the Philippines – Eastern Visayas Nest.

  3. Leyte has got them all- the longest San Juanico Bridge and the tallest Agas-Agas Bridge in the country. We should be proud. Thanks, Gerry for showing us; very good shots!

  4. kuya gerry, una ko nga papasalamatan it mga nagpasalamat ha imo hit ira sincerity towards ha mga comments nira ha imo photos posted dinhi hit imo photoblogsite -generally hiton ano it mayda it leyte.. ngan iba pa nga photo categories/subjects. secondly, para ha akon.. beyond simplicity hit imo site, makikita it ka-extraordinary.. ak masisiring la, keep it all up and more POWER!!kuya gerry.. (how i wished i’m there in agas agas tomorrow (06/09/09) for making the extreme sports open to public.)

  5. Hi Sir!

    Thank you very much for the very nice photos of Agas-agas… we Mahaplaganons are indeed very happy to have this bridge … it makes travel to the southern part easier. Likewise, hope your humble heart would consider me copying some of your pics for our Mahaplag fs account… your generosity is very much appreciated…


    • Hi, am very much willing to oblige but for a few formalities, I would appreciate it if you could email me said request, send to gerry-at-callezaragosa-dot-com (kindly replace “at” w/ @ and “dot” with a period; no space).

  6. am proud of being a leyteño… nice jud kau ang agas-agas bridge…

  7. hi, meron bang group/agency na nag-pa-pabungee jumping there? how much? thanks

    • Hi, there is currently no bungee jumping in Agas-Agas Bridge. The photos shown here were taken of various extreme sports exhibition held as part of the inaugural program of the bridge. There are plans to set up one but no definite timetable has been announced.

  8. hi sir! good day to you! magaganda po ang shots.. hihingi lang po sana ako ng permiso para ma-copy at mapost po ang ibang pictures nyo sa FB page na PROUD NA MGA BISAYA. maraming salamat po!

    • Go ahead but please be guided by the usual requirements: a link back to the original URL address where you sourced the photo/s PLUS photo credits/acknowledgment at site where you will post them..

  9. sure po! thanks a lot! GOD BLESS! 🙂

  10. hi. sa ngayon po ba anong mga sports ang meron ngayon sa agas agas river? how can i get there? i’m from manila. thanks po.

    • Sorry, there are no sports facilities at Agas-Agas. There were plans of putting one before, but who knows what happened to them?
      You pass the Agas-Agas Bridge coming from Sogod or Maasin, Southern Leyte; or coming from Tacloban City. Maasin can be reached by boat from Cebu City. Tacloban City has about 6 flights daily from Manila (PAL, Cebu Pac & Zest Air), or one can take the bus from Manila which is a 22-hr trip.

  11. wow
    ang ganda naman ng mga picture ninyo

  12. hi there i just wanna know, how much is the cost for bungee jumping? thank you nice pictures.

    • Sorry, Louwela, there is no regular bungee jumping there. The photos were only of an extreme sports exhibition, part of the inaugural program when the bridge was formally opened.

  13. Hi, I miss Leyte! 🙂 Proud to be a Leyteño… Sa ngayon po ano na po ba mga sports facilities meron ngayon sa Agas-agas? I believe the last update was since last year. And I’ve heard from my relatives and friends na may zipline na and others… Ano po ba yung iba aside from zipline?

    • Hi, Aisa. If you browse through my more recent posts, you would find my posts about the Zipline and the other planned extreme sports facilities there. The plan, officials say, is to have a bungy jump and all-terrain vehicle facility by July 2011, in time for the province’s founding anniversary.

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