The Agas-Agas Bridge: the country’s newest tourism attraction

The Agas-Agas Bridge in Brgy. Kahupian, Sogod, Southern Leyte – the country’s newest tourism attraction – was formally inaugurated today, August 09, 2009 with Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the Japanese Ambassador to Manila, Makoto Katsura, leading the affair.

The bridge, touted to be the tallest in the country at a height of 75m, was constructed at a cost of PhP1.024B funded by the national government with funding assistance from the government of Japan thru the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The bridge serves as a vital link between Luzon and Mindanao through the Liloan ferry terminal in Southern Leyte providing a safe, stable link to the landslide-prone Agas-agas area traversing the Mahaplag, Leyte to Sogod, Southern Leyte section of the Maharlika Highway. Its completion along the mountainous terrain will make the road section passable to all vehicular traffic at all times even during bad weather. The opening of the bridge cuts down travel time by one and a half hours from Tacloban to Liloan and vice versa.

Aside from motoring convenience, the modern bridge construction which straddles two mountains at a high elevation and a length of 350 meters has provided the region with good tourism potentials for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Built amidst the panoramic natural beauty of the mountains and rivers surrounding the area, plans are already afoot for the construction of facilities for extreme sports activities such as bungee jumping 30 stories down, rope jumping, rappelling, a zip line and para-gliding, among others.

Photos taken Saturday, August 08, before its formal opening to the public.

View slideshow:








The view and scenery surrounding the Agas-Agas Bridge:




90808AgasAgasW-4090 90808AgasAgasW-3491


90808AgasAgasW-3602 90808AgasAgasW-3608 90808AgasAgasW-3690 90808AgasAgasW-3698

90808AgasAgasW-3598 90808AgasAgasW-3716






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15 Responses to “The Agas-Agas Bridge: the country’s newest tourism attraction”

  1. do you have pictures of the extreme sports activities at agas-agas?

  2. thanks sir gerry for the impressive shots of agas-agas bridge and its vicinity

  3. We truly appreciate Gerry all the pictures you took of Agas-Agas Bridge and its environment. Excellent site for the tourists, visitors, passengers, students, and adventurers to see, observe, stop and rest, hike, camp, explore, and numerous other activities to do.

    Thanks Gerry for sharing your photogenic, scenic, artistic and educational pictures!

  4. gwapo na karon diha ang daanan dali ra ko mka rating sa sabong diha sa sogod

  5. lami kaayo ang pag ka photo

  6. The photos of Agas-Agas bridge taken by Gerry were excellent. Hence, it gave us a clear idea of how the bridge looks like and its location. In fact, my officemates, Chay Obregon, Lani and her family, my husband Carlos and I were there in Agas-agas Bridge last January 30, 2010 to see for ourselves the beauty of the bridge. Again, thanks to Gerry for the beautiful photos.

  7. dec 21, 2008 ang huling visit ko sa akong jutang natawhan… that time wa ko ka know nga ang agas-agas pala ay di na ma-agian. dugay na ko wa kabalik sa malitbog… at saksi ako sa ka himtang sa kalisod sa biyahe ug mag-agi sa tinatawag nga bitukang manok. but then nandon yung saya and excitement na makarating sa bayang iyong pinagmulan… paiksi-in ko ang aking wento ha… nakabalik ako ng laguna last jan 2009 nang di ko nalalaman ang pag-de-develop ng agas-agas bridge until nagkaroon ako ng PC at dahil sa internet ma-discover mo everything you want… news, events and even tsimis ng mga artista. and out of the blue nalaman ko yung pagbubukas ng agas-agas bridge… and nanlibat ako balahibo kay pamilyar man nako ang location na iyon at nalaman ko na meron na palang tulay sa dalawang nag-u-ugnay na bundok. hay, masaya ako dahil nalagay na naman sa history ang southern leyte. (SOGOD)

  8. very nice article Gerry.. nice pictures too.. i want to know if there is already an established bungee jumping site in agas-agas bridge today? i’ll be visiting there this october.. i want to make it a part of our itinerary..

    • Sorry, the bungee jumping and other sports activities were only an “exhibition” show during the bridge’s inauguration. There are currently no bungee facilities nor any other sports activity in the area, although locals officials had that in mind early on.

  9. Hi sir, I was in Agas-agas yesterday. And I found the place very beautiful indeed. I can’t wait for the bungee jumping and zipline to come.

  10. I want to see this place. Hey, my friends from Southern Leyte, let anyone of you invite me, first-come, first-served … ha ha ha !!!

  11. Your blog really rocks! It’s like a very good book that we could not afford to set aside – we keep on reading it. Thanks for sharing these. The more I feel in love of this part of the Philippines. Now Sogod is in my list of places to visit…

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