Landscape of emotions – the Manny Librodo style

We were privileged to have attended and participated in a photography workshop conducted by one of the more reputable Filipino photographers of international fame – no less than the maestro himself, Manny Librodo, Jr.

It is hard enough to keep tabs of his workshop schedules in the Philippines much more getting oneself signed up to attend his workshop as Manny Librodo is based in Bangkok, Thailand and keeps on traveling around the globe.

This rare chance of attending his workshop happened yesterday, July 27, 2009 thanks to the Camera Club of Leyte and Samar which organized and hosted the event at Rafael’s Farm in Babatngon and at Casablanca in Tacloban City.

Here are my outputs in yesterday’s workshop…











Thank you, Manny for being such a big-hearted and kind soul and for sharing with us unselfishly so much of your knowledge and expertise in the art of photography!

~ by gerryruiz on 28 July 2009.

10 Responses to “Landscape of emotions – the Manny Librodo style”

  1. good pix pre.. galing… waray mo man ak imbitara so i can get some knoweledge too..heheh.. anyway next time nalang.

  2. Gerry, these photographs are beyond beautiful… the colors and the emotions through it are just awesome! You are one great photographer…

  3. Ohhh…Candy, lips so sweet..
    Ohhh…Tara, hugs so tight…(I’m a tree, I’m a tree)
    Ohhh…Katrina, don’t hayd’en…err. hide from me.
    Ohhh…Gerry, hek no. Galing mo ‘dre! Sana kami ‘rin.

    Kudos to your talents. Keep honing… and then share naman. San-o kaman mag train ha amon?

    Lastly, may I have Candy’s email?

  4. Awesome photos! Are these gorgeous models from the local area?

  5. hi Ger, Nick here. These girls sure made my heart beat faster. They just aggravated my longing to be back! Thank you.

  6. Your website is really great! You’re such a talented person and I just
    want to thank you for your wonderful pictures. Filipinos should be proud how beautiful they are. Marami pong salamat!

  7. Manny’s students clone his style. Hopefully, these followers would develop their own individuality and refrain from using veils to accent the portrait study of the model. This is kinda tacky. Also, Manny does photoshop his work and stamp it as his style. This is ridiculous!

    • Yes, that’s the general idea – learning from the techniques of a mentor and eventually developing one’s own, individual style or signature. Photoshop is a photography tool now available in today’s digital age. Just like any tool in art, it is one’s choice whether to use it or not, and if one uses it, the artist’s particular signature or style would somehow show. Using photoshop per se, or any other type of ink or brush for that matter, does not necessarily lay claim to a propriety style all your own. 😉

  8. Manuel Librodo abuses of digital postprocessing just to achieve artificial, unreal pictures. It is commercial work, not art. And yes he is very Tacky.

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