The Eagle and its Prey

I have been to the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City about 4 or 5 times before but I never had the chance to get a decent photo of the famous Philippine monkey-eating eagle. In all occasions, it was derailed by either rain or the threat of a sudden downpour.

Until last Thursday…

The Philippine Eagle is the world’s largest eagle and a critically endangered species. It is endemic to the Philippines and can be found on four major islands: eastern Luzon, Samar, Leyte and Mindanao, with most of the population living on Mindanao. Current stats have it at anywhere between 180-500 birds left on planet Earth today.

Filipino scientists have been successful in propagating thru artificial insemination famous Philippine Eagles such as PagAsa, Kabayan and about 20 more, all at the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City.

Here is Sir Arny – the most-photographed star at the center:





And here are poignant shots of a mother and her young offspring – the eagle’s prey – also taken at the Philippine Eagle Center:




~ by gerryruiz on 26 July 2009.

3 Responses to “The Eagle and its Prey”

  1. I like your “portrait” shots of the eagle.

  2. wow i like this photograph

  3. So…err, excuse me… those monkeys were placed inside the Center for the purpose of …gasp!… along with the baby…gasp! Ohh, how… so inhumane (pun intended). The photo and your story description of the monkeys… spin me off to reconsider the phrase “monkey business” in another light. Oh so tragic and your photos captured it so eloquently. Gasps!

    Ohh well…

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