Tacloban Sangyaw Festival ’09

The Tacloban Fiesta celebration is finally over.

Do I hear a collective sigh? Whew!

Anyway, here are some photos taken of the Tacloban Sangyaw Festival, June 29, 2009.




90629SangyawW-8596 90629SangyawW-8626





90629SangyawW-8795 90629SangyawW-8806







View more photos >>> http://callezaragosa.com/Sangyaw09LRGallery/index.html

~ by gerryruiz on 6 July 2009.

13 Responses to “Tacloban Sangyaw Festival ’09”

  1. i love your work…..

    we met at the DWU Grand reunion night, i am Raoul’s brother


    • hi butch! thanks for the kind words. glad to have made your acquaintance. the dwu reunion webpage with gallery pics should be up in about 2 wks time 😉

      • Thanks for this great news, and more power to you. Hoping I’ll meet and thank you personally someday; maybe at the next DWU reunion in 2010

  2. Mr. Ruiz, thank you for the pictures. They are sooooo beautiful. The participants wore colorful costumes. I appreciate your work. You are indeed an excellent photographer. I wish I was there to witness this occasion. Anyway, I admired them though I am here in New York.

  3. looking forward to the pics mate


  4. Padre, Your photos speak a million words… superb! bravo!

  5. Gerry, it was great meeting you for our grand reunion in DWU. I am already excited to see our Kirigta 2009 photos.

    I love this set of Sangyaw photos, by the way. They’re all very alive and colorful!

  6. Mano Gerry, likewise we’re eagerly waiting for the DWU Alum pics. I briefly met you at the event. Once again thanks for wonderful pictures.

  7. Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for the fabulous pics of the parade. I did not realize how colorful the parade is. Thanks for the Tongonan/Lake Danao pics also. Are you by any chance related to a Dr. Ruiz that used to practice there? I knew him but I think he moved to the States. I used to go to school there in the 50’s (pre med at St Pauls before it became DWU. Thanks again. I just found your blog accidentally and I am glad

    • JAR: Thanks for dropping by! Yes, our parents & Dr. & Mrs. Alfonso Ruiz, although not related, were close family friends. We grew up calling them uncle & auntie. Dr. Ruiz hailed from Cebu; Mrs Ruiz from Tanauan. My father was from Nueva Ecija; my mom from Palo.

  8. Although I unfortunately missed the Sangyaw Festival ’09, I’m anxiously hoping to see and enjoy the next one in 2010 and have the opportunity to take a glimpse of your fabulous councilor Cristina Romualdez. The photos are simply remarkable; depicting the rich Filipino tradition, and of course the photography.

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