Bitu-on han Leyte Kasadyaan 2009 candidates

Fiestas in the Philippines are never complete without a beauty contest or some kind of search or competition along similar lines. And Tacloban Fiesta is not wanting of this.

In fact, there are three… oops …five (gasp! let me count them again…) such competitions: Miss Pintados, Miss Tacloban, Bitu-on han Leyte Kasadyaan, Ginoong Leyte Kasadyaan and, last but not the least, Little Miss Tacloban.

The Search for the Bitu-on han Leyte Kasadyaan, however, is not a beauty contest. Organizers dub it as “The Search for the Best Female Lead Dancer” of the participating contingents in the Leyte Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival set for June 27, 2009.

The pageant for the Bitu-on han Leyte Kasadyaan happens tonight at the Kasadyaan Festival Park at 7PM.

Here are this year’s candidates… watch out for them during the grand parade of the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival tomorrow, June 27.



CandidateNo1w-3511 CandidateNo1w-3515

Candidate No. 1: Ms. Alyssa Myrr Cursame Bertulfo – Pintados Festival (Leyte Normal University)

CandidateNo2w-3627 CandidateNo2w-3641

Candidate No. 2: Ms. Nicole Alessandra Lopez Restituto – Tribu Manangui (Eastern Visayas State University)

CandidateNo3w-3575 CandidateNo3w-3587

Candidate No. 3: Ms. Arlene Vergara Pulga – Lingganay Festival (Alangalang, Leyte)

CandidateNo4w-3564 CandidateNo4w-3567

Candidate No. 4: Ms. Geralyn Romo Maurillo – Sinulog Festival (Isabel, Leyte)

CandidateNo5w-3547 CandidateNo5w-3608

Candidate No. 5: Ms. Nerissa Lopera Modesto – Pasaka Festival (Tanauan, Leyte)

CandidateNo6w-3652 CandidateNo6w-3649

Candidate No. 6: Ms. Metallica Lyh Octaviano Paciencia – Karatong Festival (Dulag, Leyte)

CandidateNo7w-3496 CandidateNo7w-3505

Candidate No. 7: Ms. Gelli Anne Salvino Alcuino – Batobalani Festival (Bato, Leyte)


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With additional photos by Dr. JB Añover for calle Z Productions.

~ by gerryruiz on 26 June 2009.

16 Responses to “Bitu-on han Leyte Kasadyaan 2009 candidates”

  1. …weeeee wafa ang bato!!!!

  2. …..goooooo!!!!!!

  3. Nice one sir!

  4. taga isabel leyte mga gwapa……..! (^_^)”

  5. ..wAfa gyEd amU rEyna..hihi :]

  6. everybody is wearing a formal dress except bato. she’s pretty but i’m just disappointed as to what she is wearing. batobalani dancers should’ve supported her in this pictorial. how disappointing. T_T

    • huhuhhu!! sagdi nalang ng akong nasuot huh? saon nga wa man ko kahibaw nga pictorial di-ay, kanang adlawa man mi niabot adto tacloban… huhuhu! =(

  7. isabel? i know dat girl.. i like her, friend mi nia… her nickname is LL/el-el…

  8. still taga Alangalang la gihap an nangibabaw…

  9. Mga beauty, specially an LNU…

  10. that’s my girl right there MS. Arlene Vergara Pulga she is the most beautiful among them.. Go girl… you can do it… love you miss you..

  11. guyssss
    and talented ang

    batobalani festival

  12. nice gyud ang reyna sa batobalani, candidate no.7 – MS GELLI ANNE SALVINO ALCUINO… hehehehe… gwapa gyud but not wearing formal dress lang. she’s my sister hehehe gogogo!

  13. ♥♥♥_ TrIbU BaToBaLaNi _♥♥♥

    The Municipality of Bato in the Province of Leyte has come a long way from being a lowly 5th class municipality and has grown by leaps and bounds owing largely to the concerted efforts among the community members and its leaders.

    Under the leadership of Mayor Luis E. Kuizon, Bato has steadily moved forward towards progress, with the guidance of our patron saint, Sr. Sto. Niño.

    The town fiesta, which falls on the 25th of January, highlights the Bato Balani Festival – a dance-ritual festival honoring its patron saint. The festival has grown in popularity luring in tourists both local and foreign.

  14. wafa pgkakuha, mao 2ng wafa pud cla…..

  15. ganda nyo lahat…

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