Ms Pintados ’09: A Preview

This time, here’s a preview of the candidates – also twelve of them, coming from all over Eastern Visayas – in the Search for Ms Pintados ’09… 🙂


90614MsPintadosW-2341 90614MsPintadosW-2349

Candidate No. 1: Ms. Marilyn Clemencio of Carigara, Leyte

90614MsPintadosW-2353 90614MsPintadosW-2357

Candidate No. 2: Ms Hyacienth Diva Montalaba of Calubian, Leyte

90614MsPintadosW-2370 90614MsPintadosW-2373

Candidate No. 3: Ms Laarni Almeda of Lawaan, E. Samar

90614MsPintadosW-2377 90614MsPintadosW-2380

Candidate No. 4: Ms Cindy Torreon of Tacloban City

90614MsPintadosW-2387 90614MsPintadosW-2392

Candidate No. 5: Ms Franz Erika Torres of Tacloban City

90614MsPintadosW-2399 90614MsPintadosW-2406

Candidate No. 6: Ms Eve Gerlyn May Cristobal of La Paz, Leyte

90614MsPintadosW-2409 90614MsPintadosW-2415

Candidate No. 7: Ms Laurence Comandao of Javier, Leyte

90614MsPintadosW-2424 90614MsPintadosW-2429

Candidate No. 8: Ms Barbette Joanne Badocdoc of Guiuan, E. Samar

90614MsPintadosW-2437 90614MsPintadosW-2444

Candidate No. 9: Ms Joy Winstel Briones of Abuyog, Leyte

90614MsPintadosW-2455 90614MsPintadosW-2464

Candidate No. 10: Ms Ria Sevilla of Palo, Leyte

90614MsPintadosW-2466 90614MsPintadosW-2474

Candidate no. 11: Ms. Lydwina Denson of Isabel, Leyte

90614MsPintadosW-2484 90614MsPintadosW-2496

Candidate No. 12: Ms Maria Fatima Ragrag of Jaro, Leyte

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~ by gerryruiz on 19 June 2009.

15 Responses to “Ms Pintados ’09: A Preview”

  1. MABUHAY KA Ms. Eve Gerlyn May Cristobal of LAPAZ!! GOOD LUCK FROM AN OLD LAPAZNON.. and the CACERES FAMILY in NY and NJ…. kay kanay ka ngani anak iday?? We are proud of you..

    • tanx po han support.. taga Sta. Ana po ako..
      apo ako hit mga Abordo ngan Acedera ha Sta. Ana..

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to candidate no. 08
    Ms. Barbette Badocdoc of Guiuan, Eastern Samar
    …she’s so charming and appealing!

    • thanks ijun… it has been a year.. i’ll be giving away the crown tomorrow..

      • hi po. nakita kita sa sinulog 2011. fist time kita nakita sa practice nyo sa cebu city sports complex. and nakita din kita sa grand parada na. i admire you and your work. salamat po

  3. congratulations MS.CINDY TORREON! so proud of you! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Miss Franz Erika are so pretty…for me, you are the winner because you gave the best answer to the question…so proud of you!

  5. Congratulations to Barbette! A pride of Eastern Samar! Keep it up! ;-D

  6. nice kuha ng mga pics, kuya gerry…. congrats…

  7. Hi gerryruiz.. nice pics .. =) sino pa la ang nanalo?

    jalmz myislandsphilippines

  8. it’s okay, laarni, ganda ka pa rin! better luck next time!!!

  9. Miss Pintados 2009 is a student of LNU. SURELY, we will see more of her competing in the Miss SCUAA `09 in VSU, Baybay. She’s gonna make it because she’s pretty and smart!

  10. Maghusay mga contestants, im proud may taga jaro nga umapi.

  11. wow awesome beautiful ladies!!
    KUDOS to all the candidates of miss pintados 2009!!

  12. ateH baRbette is so beautiful;] cOngrats … I didn’t even know about this Ms. Pintados cuz I was too busy studying here in Vancouver… You don’t know me ateh but I admire you… We’re both Guiuananons and I’m proud of it …I ♥ Ü

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