Robinson’s Place Tacloban: A sneak preview

About time!

Taclobanon’s mall aspiration gets fulfilled (almost, that is).

Many are excited, many are jubilant.

For a myriad of reasons. For the younger set – it’s a new place to hang-out, to see and be seen. For some, it makes them feel like “progress” is here and life has “changed” feeling like being transported to the “big” city. For many, it simply spells shopping convenience with lots of choices now available to local consumers.

Tacloban has “arrived” or so it seems. And most of its denizens (including those from nearby towns) can’t help but feel giddy. Hmmm.

Two days shy of its scheduled soft opening (June 11), we went in for a first-hand look.  Still much work needing to be done…

Photos taken today, June 09, 2009.




























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List of Stores at Robinson’s Place Tacloban

Here’s a partial list of the store establishments set to open at the new Robinson’s Place Tacloban:

CD-R King
Charito’s Delight
Childrens Place
Cristina’s Salon
Dunkin Donuts
Filipino Cuisine
Fuentes Optical
JCO Foodspot
Jose Karlos
Kentucky Fried Chicken
M Lhuillier Jewelry
Mang Inasal
Mercury Drug
Movie Morld (3 cinemas)
National Bookstore
Pinutos Express
Rai Rai Ken
Robinson’s Department Store
Robinson’s Supermarket
Robinson’s Appliances
Robinson’s Bank
Rose Pharmacy
Rusty Lopez
Sony Vaio
Sun Shop
Toby’s Sports
Tom’s World
Travel Club
Uni Silver
YM Money Changer
Watch Central
Western Union

~ by gerryruiz on 9 June 2009.

93 Responses to “Robinson’s Place Tacloban: A sneak preview”

  1. Movieworld is really nice!

  2. madadayun na gud ini na mall. yehey. i just hope this mall will have the necessary maintenance specially the cinemas. in a few months mayda na mga laslas hin blade itun seats ha cinemas, i hope that doesnt happen.

  3. long been aspired by Taclobanons to have a big mall… finally it arrived ! Congratulations!

    I’ll get the taste of it this June and be able to compare it to what is in Manila..ha..ha

  4. wow! can’t wait to watch the movies…wala akong palalagpasin hehehe!

  5. Waray naman kami maka-abot, huhuhu. Looking at the movie house is surreal! Salamat, Man Ger.

  6. I can’t wait to go home….and see our very own Robinson’s Place…
    Thanks Mr. Gerry for always being here to update us…

  7. Pleasure’s mine, guys. Thanks!

  8. Hi Gerry! Nice pictures. 🙂

  9. wonderful photos mano gerry, thanks for the update… i will never miss visiting this place when i go home for vacation…

  10. wala pa bang itallianis? and MNG too? sana naman mas madami pang stores for wardrobes..observe ko lang kasi, kulang nun eh..somehow, okey na din:]

  11. congrats, gerry, for the pics – it’s all so nice. kahit waray pa kami makasulod or diri pa kami makasulod during the opening, at least na-picture na namon ha sakob & what is robinson’s place in tacloban…bisan diri na kami kumadto ha cebu or manila just to shop ha mga malls, anhi na an robinson… salamat han mga waraynon pag-appreciate ug pagkawarat hin sugad hini nga development not only for the city of tacloban… not only for leyte but for region 8… congratulations ha aton nga tanan!

  12. thanks Gerry for posting =) i guess everyone’s looking forward to the opening of this mall. at long last we will have a comfortable moviehouse where we could just sit back, relax and watch good movies on widescreen need to go to Manila or Cebu anymore!!
    hopefully, madugang-dugangan pa an mga stores/shop that will open inside Robinson’s Place.

  13. you really captured the mall by your photos. i would really love to make photography as my hobby..

  14. wohoo! may sinehan na nga bago ha Tacloban! Mauli na ak! ahaha!

  15. wooooowwww…vry nice ha sulod….:-) tanx so much ger:-D

  16. wow, thanks 4 posting these picz…
    nice one…

    tacloban city is really improving…
    hope it will be maintained well, especially on security, gaming area and on the cinema area, coz for sure mall-rats will be hanging out and for sure may cause some damage…

  17. Great shots Mano Gerry! Thanks a lot for the sneak preview! It was a sneak preview indeed!

  18. Gerry,

    Thanks so much for those pictures. Very nice and professionally done! I saw my fellow architect D.F. in the pictures, too.

  19. maupay gud na mayda na mall ha tacloban, bisan adi ak ha cebu gusto ko la gihapon umuli ha tacloban. and i’m hoping na maupay and secure it mga tawo nga masulod dida ha robinsons, like didi ha cebu – very disiplinado gud it mga tawo, malimpyo it mga mall ngadi. sana amo gihap ngada…

  20. thanks for the preview! looking forward to checking it out soon….

  21. Very good! Well-lighted mall and looks like it’s taking light ha gawas which is good, diri malako hin kuryente. Sana all around hit mga windows are sealed hin maupay so rain won’t come in, A/C ducts and exhaust correctly placed para maupay it airconditioning. Sana ma-ayos gihap it underground services hini para diri mag-baha it mga surroundings. Salamat hini nga mga pictures Gerry…

  22. Salamat nga damo, Mano Gerry! Baga amo na la inin amon karadtuan an imo mga pictures kun na-mi-miss namon an Tacloban. More power to you. Ayaw la, I’ll e-mail the City Mayor and the Provincial Governor to appoint you (para waray na electoral votes needed) as the offical PR man for Leyte.

  23. Mr. Gerry,
    Damo nga salamat hine nga imo mga mag-husay nga mga retrato,
    hin ka matuod nga may mall na ha Tacloban. Excited na ako hit akon pag-bakasyon.

  24. Nice pix. It’s more that a sneak preview, it’s awesome. It really proves na mayda na gud new mall ha Tacloban. Ngan nagpapamatuod nga kaya gihap hit mga Taclobanon makigsabayan hit Cebu ngan Manila. Tacloban is really improving and I hope dire la ha infrastructure it ig improve pati it security ngan cleanliness all throughout. Pagbakasyon ko this June surely I’ll bring my whole clan dida. Cheers for that Sir Gerry!

  25. kumusta na, brod? nasa photography ka na rin pala. galing ng mga SHOTS mo!

  26. Congrats, Gerry! Very clear and beautiful photos. Baga’t nag-tour ka na ha sulod han Robinson’s… The Entertainment Arcade will make many young ones and young “once” happy… buho la an mga bulsa, ha ha ha… Wow-wow-wee for the Cinemas! Airconditioned and comfortable seats, but most of all, clean but for how long? Let’s pray the Taclobanons and “others” will take care of their maintenance. Thanks for sharing your photos and giving us insight as to what to expect, especially for those away for the moment. It will also boost the city’s “kaban.”

  27. at last a mall in the city!! so looking forward to watching a movie in the cinema. I do pray that some taclobanons don’t get into that destructive mood and find it cool to start ripping the cinema seats or making bubble gum sculptures and pasting it on the seats.

  28. nothing to say, but a big congrats again for the pics…

  29. Gerry, you have done a wonderful job in updating us as to what’s going on in Tacloban. I’m sorry that we did not get to see each other when we visited Tacloban. Our schedule was very tight. Maybe on my next visit. I’m trying to get a store space in Robinson, but I’m not sure if there is still one available. Can you please check it out for me? I plan to open a wedding registry.

  30. Nice pics… Sign la hin USWAG Tacloban, ano Mang Gerry?

  31. Wow, amazing pics, congratulations…

    Tacloban City is indeed, a highly urbanized city. Progress just started and will definitely continue… I hope! I think that what would ruin this momentum is the attitude of our fellow Taclobanons. That is, doing unprofessional acts like throwing garbage anywhere they want, etc. I just hope that as the city changes, people will change as well…

    I wonder how Taclobanons will celebrate June Fiesta? Hmmm… I guess that would be awesome!

    Mr Gerry,

    Galing mo po… Kudos to you! Just keep us posted po… It’s like I am in Tacloban with those photos… Galing!


  32. Even I am giddy…and I’m oceans away. 🙂 My friends and family live in nearby V&G – so, this is really great news. I love how the mall includes even one of my local favorites – Charito’s. I see Mango has also arrived in Tacloban via this mall. Reminded me of my mother being less than impressed at one of its branches, “hin kamamahal, mga kulang man ngani hin tela!”, I think she said or at least something along those lines. Ha ha ha. Thank you for posting and letting us share in the excitement.

  33. Wow. Now I’m excited to go home. I wonder if SM will now be tempted to open their own mall? Maopay gudman nga damo na it matatagan hin trabaho. Ngan mayda na gad man kita sinehan nga tuhay. How is the parking by the way? Thanks Mr Ruiz for keeping us posted.

  34. BTW, I’m glad they have Italliani’s there. I hope Robinson’s invites Ginza and Krua Thai to open branches there as well.

  35. Moving forward! The city should look at possibilities of having downtown Tacloban urbanized. There are so many old dilapidated buildings that I think should be imploded to make rise to new business centers. I’m afraid that if the local government won’t budge, we will see increased developments in areas like Palo, Tanauan. Haaay… at least may ada na kita mall. It’s a start, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

  36. WOW!!! mahusay! sayang waray ak maha-abot han grand opening, medyo napa-aga an ak vacation. Never mind, for sure next summer may-ada na pwede pag-shoppingan. I hope to see (lacoste, gap, starbucks, krispy cream, costa, fridays, chilli’s, etc.) more branded and signature shops at Robinson’s. Thanks Gerry for sharing these nice pictures, God bless…

  37. wow! booming na ba bizzzz sa tacloban ? nauna pa nga tacloban tayuan ng mall kaysa sa ormoc! lucky sa mga taclobanon … looking forward also to see what i’ve heard about dzr airport turned into an international airport? pls make a blog about it ! before pa naman kasi laki ng potential na mag boom ang tacloban about business, kasi ang downtown if u see proven na sobrang crowded at gaisano lang talaga and pwede mong puntahan, so ang iba pumupunta nalang ng cebu to shop. to be honest im afraid talaga sa downown kasi crowded and for sure dami din mandurukot, so now na may robinson na baka everyday always ako wala sa bahay hehehe… ask ko lang si Robin ba or Binson were at d opening also? hehehe i heard one of them dinadala nila sa opening.. hehehe

  38. Wohoo! Thanks for the pix! I can’t wait to shop there in September. LOL I may have to bring a bigger suitcase. >_<

  39. wrai starbucks? haha
    or yellowcab?
    sana magkaada ghap..soooon! 😀

  40. Sir Gerry. I hope you can post more pics with the mall already open and people around. Damo ba tawo? Do you have pics of the actual opening ceremony. Thanks and more power. Damo ba nag kikita hin sine? 🙂

  41. wow! asenso na it Tacloban!:)

  42. wow! grabe asenso na talaga it tacloban sana mag butang pa hira hin mga stores ha sakob like lacoste, bayo, esprit, guess for kids and bayo for kids etc…
    mabuhay tacloban!

  43. Thanks for the very nice preview, Gerry! We ginally have a mall fit for a Highly Urbanized City. It will go very well with the new international airport. I sure do hope that downtown Tacloban will get a facelift with the influx of bigger businesses. Tacloban is looking more and more like a nice place to “hang out”.

  44. Hi, though I’m in Cebu, I still long to go and visit Robi Tacloban… please post more pics on and after the opening… proud of being a Taclobanon!

  45. Payter. Astig na it tacloban yna. Sana dri la ini hit katikangan la maupay.

  46. Thanks, Gerry for the wonderful updates of the many “goings-on” back there in Tacloban…I can’t wait to be home and join the mall fever.

  47. USWAG PA TACLOBAN! Ngan ipakita naton nga MAY DISIPLINA it MGA WARAY!!! LET’S KEEP TACLOBAN CLEAN AND GREEN so that more investors would come and generate more than ENOUGH JOBS for all Taclobanons and Waraynons!!!

  48. siring nira harayo man daw ini nga robinsons ha town center..tood ini sir??hain ini hiya nga tungod??
    arrghhh i can’t wait to go homee!!!!:[

  49. maupay kay meada na robinson ngada upay unta kun madugangan pa ito na mall…hmmm

  50. thanks mano gerry for keeping us posted! plano pa la hadto nga magtindog hin mall ngada, maaram na ako hadto coz i read newspapers everyday in the office. that’s way back in 2005-2006 pa. now that it’s open, tuod na talaga! good for everyone! not just for taclobanon but the whole eastern visayas residents! congratulations! pag umuli ak, diri gud pwede nga diri ak kumada! thanks again for keeping us posted!

  51. wow ganda ng mall jan sa tacloban exited na q umuwi..hehehe
    makapunta nga jan

  52. Maupay it robinsons mall ha tacloban excited na ako umuli for vacation

  53. hayyy…so excited to see it in reality… i’m coming home soon.
    bisan damu ngadi it mall, na-u-uwat la gihap ak hit mall nga sariling atin!!! sana ingatan naman ‘to ng mga leyteños…

  54. i’m coming home

  55. sugar!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! na-uwat ako ‘tas excited han first time ko pag kadto, sugar!!!

  57. we will be visiting tacloban this august 13…hope to see those lovely places…from nueva vizcaya group…

  58. man amo na ini…tungod hini na mga picture gin mingaw lugod ak han tacloban..labi na mayda na mall na pde pasyadahan or pag shoppingan..tsk tsk…tag pira it bayad ha sinehan?hehe

  59. Fantastic!!!! Can’t wait to go home to Tacloban….
    Thank u for posting, at least maski pictures la nakakita na gihap ko Robinson’s…

  60. very enticing pics! i’m excited to go home na ngan mamasyada upod akon baby ha rob… thanks for the pictures po!

  61. nyahaha….nice lge ai….congrats sa tnan…a new place for us to hang out to relieve stress…

  62. watta nice pictures! pasyadahan ko guihap iton sinisiring niyo nga Rob Mall ha Tacloban in one of my visits there. Thank you for the updates.

  63. Wow! You guys really mean business when you built Robinson’s Mall.
    It’s comparable or even better to some of the shopping malls here in the States. Great job Tacloban City! Can hardly wait to visit the place next year I hope.

  64. looking forward to visit the place, at last tacloban’s got a nice place to shop and dine!

  65. hi, i’m glad na natapilok ako sa blog mo. meron na pala akong lugar na pagsasa-shoppingan pag-uli ko this December, buti naman. last time dida ako tanging gaisano lang meron. grabe ang alikabok sa store n yun at ang papangit ng paninda. wala akong mabili but groceries lang. may hotel din pala ang Robinson na itinayo diyan? open na rin ba? kasi kahit hotels na tinuluyan namin diyan ay either may ipis, madilim, or di puwedeng inumin ang tubig. tulad ng Leyte Park Hotel ( dapat isara nala nira ito), at 2 hotel sa downtown di ko matandaan pangalan. also sana mag-impose an local gov. ng cleanliness at no littering. grabe…kasi sa bangketa maangso la gihapon. tsaka madaming mandurukot. sorry kung medyo puro reklamo la iton akon post; yan kasi ang reklamo ko sa Tacloban.

  66. i am appealing to everybody who frequently visits robinson’s tacloban to show to everyone that YOU are now “civilized!” show to visitors the discipline, respect for property by not making it dirty/messy, and learn to appreciate that YOU’re very lucky that YOU have now what is something that can only be found in a progressive city! be thankful! be grateful!

  67. Robinsons Tacloban is overrated. I don’t understand why there’s so much fuss, really.

    Your blog was nice; not the pictures, but more like how the shots were taken. Loved them!


  69. Another improvement that the new tacloban city has to offer us.

  70. Mabuhay it Robinson’s Mall! We want to see this kind of improvement/progress in Tacloban City; we proudly say this is the city where we were born.

  71. i like ur pics

  72. thanks for sharing the pix. it helps a lot of taclobanons who have left the country to at least have a chance to see what’s going on in tacloban… homesickness… again, thanks so much for this website. your efforts are highly appreciated. – gerda of OKC, USA

  73. wowwwwwwwww! thanks for the photos… can’t wait to go home.. bisan damu mall didi, iba la gihap it aton… at last natupad na na magkamayda robinson’s mall ha at, estudyante pala me damu na yakan na magkakamayda mall ha tac.. at last natupad na… and i’m so happy so see a lot of improvements in tacloban. see you soon… a few more months to go and i’ll be homeeeeeee!

  74. wow excited nq mgbkasy0n jn dis december..shopah0lic p0 kc aq eh kya d aq mbbuhay pg wlang mall sure lgi kmi jn sa robs jst lyk here in manila..

  75. wow! excited na ako umuwi ng ‘pinas kasi malapit lang ang mall, sigurado madalas kami dyan mag-shopping kasama ang buong pamilya ko. thanks sa pictures na maganda…

  76. Excited gud ako makakanhi, Ipasyal ko mga parents ko. once a year gud la ako nauli kay adi man ako abroad, ma pakyaw gud ako, mabiling ka date hehe. enjo shopping

  77. thanks to you, gerry, it reminds me on how i fell in love w/ tacloban…

  78. yehey!!! mabakasyon ako yana na march sa wakas makakita na ako hini nga robinson.

  79. would you happen to know contact information in renting a space there? just for future reference. i would appreciate anything you can provide.

    • I am not connected in any way with Robinson’s. I believe there are contact details shown in one of my photos posted about the mall during the construction stage. It was the photo showing a big Robinson’s billboard. Google would help too, I’m sure. 😉

  80. wow…beautiful mall, i can’t wait to go home…

  81. Thank you so much for always updating us. Thank you so much, nice pictures!

  82. Would like to borrow the first pic. It’s my suv btw, I am one of the contractors of Robinson’s Place. I’m from Davao. You have a very nice city with warm people. Can’t wait to be back there.

  83. meron na bang “SOfab!” sa robinsons tacloban??

  84. Wow! Tacloban is improving can’t believe it’s happening! Can’t wait to be there soon about less than a month & a half for my vacation. In the pics I saw you also have a “hotel”? this is great… can you tell me the rates of the hotel? Please send me email. Thanks Gerry, you did a good job, more power to you… Jo

  85. ohhhhhh! not constructed yet? I am scared of those available “hotels” there… thanks for your response. – Jo

  86. Been planning to go to Tacloban. Can you recommend me a place where we can stay in?

  87. wow!! Robinson’s! i like it!

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