Ms Tacloban ’09 aspirants & the Grand Santacruzan

The month of May brings a smile to every Filipino child allowed by his parents to participate in the nightly Santacruzan procession held around the community block.

I am still not sure whether it’s the chance to play with a lighted candle or the spartan snacks distributed after the procession which makes it a fun activity for children.

Whatever it is, kids get the extra time and the chance to be out of the house to play some more with other playmates way past the usual “curfew” time.

The nightly Flores de Mayo Santacruzan – an old, religious festivity – culminates every May 30 with the holding of the Grand Santacruzan Festival.

This is a grand procession held around the city’s major thoroughfares with the participation of several competing Santacruzan contingents, complete with the Reyna Elenas (queens), sagalas, arches with beautiful lights, lanterns and floats.

We went to Rizal Park last Saturday, May 30 for the Tacloban Grand Santacruzan 2009 and took some shots.

A pleasant surprise in this year’s procession was a preview and participation of the candidates in the Search for Ms. Tacloban 2009.

90530StaCruzanW-2974 90530StaCruzanW-3017

Rose Jane A. Tiunayan                            Noemi Claire V. Lee (left) & Santaniña N. Dagami

90530StaCruzanW-2994 90530StaCruzanW-3004

Kathrena L. Demillo                                        Rachelle Erica C. Piñeda

90530StaCruzanW-3036 90530StaCruzanW-3061

Angelica Joy P. Verunque                                    Niña Sherra A. Tagalog


Ruselle B. Reyes


Beverly P. Abarracoso and Kathrena L. Demillo









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~ by gerryruiz on 2 June 2009.

8 Responses to “Ms Tacloban ’09 aspirants & the Grand Santacruzan”

  1. sir gerry… sana po mag upload ka gehap hin mga pics it pictorial han mga kandidata han ms tacloban 2009… i’m looking forward 2dat…thanks poh!

  2. Photo #83– yan ang Reyna Elena ng buhay ko!

  3. Pic #83 eh? – same here, Dulce! Hahaha! 🙂

  4. maganda pala mga taclobanon….

    wish makapunta po ako jan someday…

  5. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. Pic #83 surely is the contender for Reyna Elena.

  6. goodluck to the candidates.. =)
    sana it wud be a fair competition..
    hhhhhmmm.. =)

  7. maganda ang nasa float reyna ng karagatan. Sabi ng officemates ko third lang ang contender na yan brgy 68. In fairness ang liwanag ng mga parol at arch nila.

  8. bet ko si miss angelica verunque, candidate no. 1. she looks simple but elegant. she has the looks and personality that the miss tacloban search is looking for.

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