Celebrating a new day

It was a turning leaf for us local photography enthusiasts. The club had reached a crucial fork in the road and crossed the bar.

It was time to move on.

It was also the last day for our photographer friend Cris and his family in Tacloban City.  The following day they embark on a long journey and head west to a new life in a strange, faraway land.

Furthermore, two friends just got their fresh-from-the box brand-new cameras – their first heavyweight DSLR’s. They still had no idea how it would soon turn their lives radically into new, exciting directions!

To mark these milestones, it was but fitting for us to gather and celebrate the dawning of a new life for everyone.

We met the sun at the new home of local golfing enthusiasts – the San Juanico Golf & Country Club at Cabalawan, Tacloban City, Philippines.

Photos taken yesterday, May 23, 2009.
















~ by gerryruiz on 24 May 2009.

10 Responses to “Celebrating a new day”

  1. Thanks Mano Gerry.

  2. Whoa…Bravo…bravo!

    Pictures 4,5,6,9 and 10 are postcard materials… as usual. The team must be improving a lot from sharings… and your mentoring, eh Gerry.


  3. I’m just curious, has this been fully developed yet? It doesn’t look like it’s a tailored landscape just like other golf courses around the Philippines or even in Ormoc which is very beautiful as well. Don’t get me wrong it looks huge with very good potential I believe. I hope it’s not a version of San Gerardo which is very very small.

    • Hi, Howell. Construction and development is still ongoing (you can see the Club House still under construction). It’s an 18-hole full course, I believe, and as far as I’ve heard from player friends (I am not a golfer), it’s much better compared to others locally.

  4. Howell,

    It used to be a nine-hole course. Thanks to our fellow Taclobanonsgolfers with the leadership of Bro Domingo, they eventually added another 9. Every year it seems to get better and better and very much different and harder compared to San Gerardo. It used to have a 430 par 4 hole which in Golf parlance is unreachable for mere mortals like us.

    Many thanks to Gerry Ruiz – salamat hin damo, Sir. Your site has been our portal to a place most of us call HOME.

  5. Well, our only hope is that it will be at par with other golf courses around the regions and cities as well. Something which we can call our own with great pride. I mean if others have a good one, we can have a better one. Does it sound fair? One that another golfer would say, “Let’s play in Tacloban coz the course and it’s facilities are good.” Wouldn’t it be nice? I know it entails a lot of money but it’s just our opinion and a dream as well. Gerry, you’re doin’ a great job advertising the province. Thanks a lot, man.

  6. Well, if you’re looking for courses like Santa Elena, Southwoods, EagleRidge… I doubt San Juanico will be at par. But then again it will only cost you 400 pesos compared to 3-4K on championship courses. Unless you’re a Pro or a single digit handicapper, I believe San Juanico is good enough to hack around.

  7. grabe! all pictures are breathtaking! nice!

  8. I played once at the San Juanico Golf, and I like the place although it is not at par with the golf courses in Luzon and other places in terms of facilities, greens and fairways. It is a matter of how you play in this kind of course. I like also the company of the golfers who invited me to join them, otherwise I would have played alone.

  9. Remember it’s not the arrow but the Indian shooting. It’s a FUN course and Leo you’re right.. adapt your game to the course.

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