Last hurrah for Summer ’09!

Summer’s almost gone.

But for us here in Tacloban City, it was like, “You mean it was summer? With all the rains coming our way almost everyday?”

A photographer friend came home from the Middle East. This time it was no ordinary vacation for him. For in a matter of days, he’s taking his wife and kids, and would be on their way to live with him in a far away land.

Lucky guys. Some are not so lucky, being separated from their loved ones. The plight of thousands of overseas Filipino workers and their families.

And so it was a fitting occasion – for family and friends – to get together just one more time.

Before summer’s gone.

We headed back to Canigao Island. And camped there for two days, May 16 & 17. 😉


The Camp


The old lighthouse office at the island


Cris takes a shot at the new solar-powered lighthouse


Kitchie, the scene stealer with Ofel and Cris doing a shoot in the background


Kitchie and Miki



Gae and Janice in between takes





Kitchie and Ludette




Sunrise scene with Marti still asleep outside of his sleeping bag


Kitchie buzzes Ludette, good morning!


One fine day ahead of us!



Cris, Gae and Ludette: we want food!


Janice and Ofel


Denzoy the Great



Marti and Miki


Nani and Maiki


Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours: May, Miki, Joyce and Nani


The Gang

View the full gallery here.

~ by gerryruiz on 20 May 2009.

8 Responses to “Last hurrah for Summer ’09!”

  1. wow sarap naman ng summer escapades nyo…ganda ng island..

  2. Hi! I enjoy looking through your photos, they’re amazing. I was just wondering how long it takes to get to Canigao Island? How far is it? How many hours? Is it a place to see for a day? I only have 3 days in Tacloban and it has to be spread out between my mom’s side & dad’s side of the family… not to mention my friends so yeah I’d probably only have a day available. Do you think it’s possible? Thanks

    • Hi Catherine! Canigao is 2.5-3 hrs away by car, non-stop, from Tacloban. Crossing to the island takes less than 15 minutes. If you leave Tacloban at, say 5AM, you’ll be in the island by 8AM. You can then arrange for the boatman to pick you up at 3PM and you’ll be having dinner in Tacloban by 7PM. 😉

      • Thanks for the response. 3 hours by car huh? Wow sounds good. I’m guessing we have to bring our own food?

        Now that you say it’s 3 hours away, I’m tossing up between visiting the Shifting Sand Bar at Higatangan Island, Biliran or Canigao Island.

        Sayang, masumo nga I only have 3 days (Fri, Sat & Sun).

        I see that you’ve been to both, which one do you think is better? You wouldn’t happen to have driving directions, would you? Now the problem is looking for someone who knows how to get to Canigao Island (unless it’s a popular destination & now well-known?) Biliran would be easy coz that’s where my lolo is from. *sigh*

        Your tips will be most appreciated. If it’s too long to type here, would you be able to just email me instead? Thank you soooo much.

      • Higatangan’s shifting sand bar is definitely much larger, more beautiful, compared to Canigao’s. Higatangan’s “downside” is it takes more than 30 mins to cross to the island, and one important note – don’t take that motorized-banca ride if it looks rain and stormy weather ahead of you – it’s in these areas where I’ve seen waves this tall in stormy weather, definitely not for the faint-hearted.

        You travel to Canigao via this route (good roads, btw): From Tacloban go south, turn left at Palo heading past Abuyog then on towards Baybay. Turn left at Baybay, then on past Inopacan, Hindang, Hilongos, Bato and finally you reach Matalom.

        The jump-off point to the island is at Brgy Nook Itum in Matalom, a few kilometers past the poblacion headed towards Maasin along the national highway. As you approach Brgy Nook Itum you can view signages – on banca trips to Canigao – on the right side of the road. 🙂

        And, yes, you have to bring your own food & drinks, ice too. Tables and chairs are available for rent. No electricity in the island so have your cellphones fully-charged beforehand. Cellphone signals are good.

        If you want to go snorkeling (takes about an hour or so), just ask for the snorkeling guide, Boy Duritan; he’s known there in the island. Additional cost (reasonable) for the use of banca and snorkeling gear, if you need one.


  3. Do you know if there’s a place to buy snorkelling gear in Tacloban? Don’t know if I have to buy them here before I go.
    Thanks for the response again.

    What’s the weather like around late September? Moonsoon??? (Hope not) lol

  4. I’d been to Canigao last year and it was undoubtedly one of
    the most beautiful beaches i’d ever seen.
    One of the tourist paradise in region 8

  5. Nice info. Thanks

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