Buyogan goes to Aliwan Fiesta ’09

Finally, it happens today, April 25, 2009 – the ultimate stage of the biggest and grandest festivals in the Philippines – the Aliwan Fiesta 2009.

It is at Aliwan Fiesta where winners of the country’s major festivals meet and compete for the grand title as Champion of the Philippines’ Festivals and a top prize of P1M.

The fiesta’s grand parade kicks off at 4:00 in the afternoon in front of the Aliw Theater, CCP Complex and winds up at Quirino Grandstand where a star-studded awarding ceremony will cap the festival.

Representing Leyte are two prestigious festivals – the Buyogan Festival of Abuyog which is the current champion of Cebu’s Sinulog 2009 Festival and the Leyte Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival ‘08; and the Karatong Festival of Dulag which placed 2nd in the Leyte Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival ‘08 and 5th at the Sinulog Festival ‘09.

calle Zaragosa Productions was again commissioned by the Buyogan Foundation, Inc. to document the preparations and performances of the Buyogan Festival at the Aliwan Fiesta 2009.

We motored with the contingent on their trip by land and ferry from Tacloban City all the way to Manila on April 21-22 in 6 buses, 2 trucks and 1 escort vehicle. Blocking and dress rehearsals were held at the Philippine Normal University campus, at the Aliw Theatre at CCP Complex and finally at the Quirino Grandstand at Luneta.














View more photos here and at the gallery.

~ by gerryruiz on 25 April 2009.

8 Responses to “Buyogan goes to Aliwan Fiesta ’09”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Buyogan Festival! From Pintados and Sinulog’s greatest to being the grand champion of Aliwan Festival 2009. We are very proud of you all. I am sure the Barcelo Family in Abuyog specially my old buddy Erik Barcelo is so happy from this great accomplishments. YOU’RE THE BEST!!! Keep it up, and see you again on next festivals.

  2. Kudos to Karatong Festival of Dulag for being a runner up…

  3. Aliwan previous winners from Leyte:

    1) 2003, 2nd place: Pasaka Festival of Tanauan, Leyte(pamaskong Aliwan) runner up: Kasadyaan Festival of Palo, Leyte
    2) 2004, runner up: Balyuan Festival of Tacloban City
    3) 2005, runner up: Pasaka Festival of Tanauan, Leyte
    4) 2007, 3rd place: Alikaraw Festival of Hilongos, Leyte
    5) 2008, runner up: Buyogan Festival of Abuyog, Leyte
    runner up: Alikaraw Festival of Hilongos, Leyte


  4. As I watched Tribu Buyugan on their amazing performance thru a video posted in the You makes me more proud of being Waray…I was stunned with excitement watching their well executed fast-pacing choreography and with very colorful props and costumes..My joy was enormous but with a touch of sadness because I really miss attending Leyte fiesta celebrations for a quite long time na..I wanna go home….huhuhu!!

  5. Papa Ger, just looking at these pics, it’s really clear that the Buyogan worked so hard to perfect their movement, rhythm and music. They truly deserve to be champion the 2nd time around. Mabuhay an Buyogan Fest! Kudos to Mayor Traya, Victor and the contingent members!

  6. Your home photoblog efforts are very much appreciated. I’m a fan.

    Eye pleasing blogsite lay-out. Free of clutters… easy to navigate. Infopedia about Tacloban development and happennings is a big bonus to hordes out-of-towners and expats. Well articulated comments.

    Good symmetry and exposures on photo 1 and 3. Good aperture settings on action shots. This is a documentary for the champions…understood… hey .. how about a photoshop retouch to make the two guys in the first photo disappear as well as simulate the foliage background in place of the buildings in photo 9 and 14 for the rest of us.

    Kudos Gerry for sharing your talents!

    Kudos to the Buyogan for allowing as some sort of bragging rights. Thanks for the hard work.

  7. congratulations to buyogan festival! as i was watching the amazing performance of buyogan, i felt very proud. it also makes me feel very much proud of being a waray.

    my hometown is abuyog… and i really miss the abuyog fiesta. its been two years since i left my place and i really miss attending the abuyog fiesta…

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