Canigao Island sojourn

It was time for our family’s  annual sojourn during  the Holy Week break. Usually we’d go camping in some isolated island and get close to nature. This year, we decided to head on to Canigao Island in Matalom, Leyte – about 2 and a half hours from Tacloban City, and a mere 15-minute motor boat ride from the mainland.

There’s no electricity in the island, so no computers and only minimal use of cellphones. What a bliss!

We slept in 3 tents bathed under the enchanting glow of a full moon, did a lot of swimming, snorkeling and simply enjoyed the hours and minutes slip away.

And, yes, there was lots of photography time.

View the full gallery (67 photos) here.




Basking in the still of the night bathed by the warmth of a full moon…




Our camp (3 tents) behind the welcome billboard.






There’s a solar-powered lighthouse in the island.

90410canigaoholywkw-5566 90410canigaoholywkw-5557

And a treehouse, too!



That’s the family pet, Kitch, at lower right above having the time of her life swimming 😉



Sunset captured by Marti Ruiz.

~ by gerryruiz on 17 April 2009.

14 Responses to “Canigao Island sojourn”

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos, Gerry. They are truly GREAT!

  2. wow! Canigao!

  3. Hi, Gerry,

    You are so, so, soooo lucky!

    I was in Manila in January, didn’t get to go anywhere. Bummer.

    But my book’s being published by Anvil 🙂


  4. Thank you, Marianne! And congratulations on your new book!

  5. born in matalom, i know canigao island by heart. last week i went there with my friends. it has been developed, yes, but with downturns of course. hope lgu-matalom would address the following concerns: able lifeguards, efficient emergency medical response team, sustainable solid waste management and disposal system.

  6. hey gerry! cool pics you got here. thanks for sharing them. I was wondering how could i get a copy of picture#48 Canigao Island Sojourn? I’d like to hang that particular portrait in my room.

  7. Gerry, thank you for sharing your pictures. I love this place, we used to spend our vacation here and I wish that nature preservation and proper waste management should be practiced by all visitors for the enjoyment of the next generation.

    “Leave nothing but footprints, Take nothing but pictures,Kill nothing but time, Forget nothing but memories.”

  8. WOW! Great pix! ^_^ I’m going back to the island this weekend and I wish to capture Canigao’s beauty too then! This time I’ll bring my cam. LOL. Did you guys stay overnight in Canigao island or at Guerrero? There’s STILL no electricity in the island… 😦

  9. wow, you’ve got very beautiful pictures, gerry, just perfect. everybody wants to go this place – so many changes and big improvements. just wondering: do they have a store there where one can buy something like food and drinks or souvenir items? hope there’s one.

  10. Hi Kuya Gerry, nice pics re: canigao island a new summer place. My cousins from US invited me to go there last July but i wasn’t able to join them. I was running out of time. They told me they – especially their Mexican friends – really enjoyed the place. I wish one day we can have time to go back and have bikini party at canigao island.

  11. Oooh, I LOVE that tree-house!

    I love that beach.

    I’m sending the link to my son, hoping he’ll get to visit the Philippines this summer (he hasn’t been back since 2006)


  12. Nice pics! I hope I can visit the island very soon… I was born in Hindang, Leyte and the island is just a few minutes drive from our place.

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