Baybayon ni Agalon II

I noticed I didn’t have much establishing shots (wide shots) in my previous post on Baybayon ni Agalon thus limiting the viewer’s idea of how the place really looks like.

This happened because I did not have with me a wide lens then and my wider lens (28-135mm is definitely not wide, but wider than my telephoto) was being used by the wifey hehe thus my shots were limited to my 70-200mm focal range.

So, here are additional photos on Baybayon ni Agalon, all taken by Ludette Ruiz.










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~ by gerryruiz on 25 March 2009.

7 Responses to “Baybayon ni Agalon II”

  1. Hi! Last year in May, 2008, we had the opportunity to visit this place. Awesome! I was pretty much impressed with the way the resort has been set up. It is small but neatly maintained and depicts the local way of life. It is quiet and tranquil there especially at night and you can have a swim in the pool with very few people around so you have a bit of privacy. The only thing was, during the weekend, it was jam-packed with locals flocking in and everybody diving into the pool. But truly this place is beautiful and we had a fantastic time during our two-day stay. I wouldn’t mind going back there on my next visit to ‘Pinas.

  2. mano gerry, just want to know where is that resort? maupay na lugar!a good place to spend a vacation and a honeymoon! 🙂

    • Hi Jonery, thanks for writing. Agalon is in Albuera, the town next to Ormoc going south. About 15 minutes drive. You won’t miss it.

  3. it’s a great place i guess. from the photos itself, i wonder how much it would cost for a vacation? i wish to have a contact number or any info=) thank you.

  4. Hi, how much are their room rates?

  5. I remember the last time I got there in Baybayon ni Agalon way back in 2008. Hindi pa sya ganito kaganda, but now look at it… it’s so beautiful…

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