Sunset & other candids & scenes: Tigbao-Sta. Fe Road

Years ago, in the 70’s, I remember passing thru this road from our farm in Alang-alang to Tacloban in a US WWII-vintage military Jeep. It was a rough ride.

Last Sunday, we passed thru the same road – although much better compared to that first experience before, the road now is still not completely concreted, with some rough, unpaved portions (muddy during rainy days) but navigable, though, for a car to pass through.

Not all Taclobanons are aware of this road – the Sta. Fe-Tigbao Road – which cuts across the western side of Tacloban City, effectively avoiding the traffic at Palo and Tacloban City, providing a short-cut route for travelers coming from the South and headed for North to either Babatngon or to Samar and onwards to Luzon.

Last Sunday, we decided to explore this not-so-well traversed road. From Tacloban we headed towards San Juanico Bridge, turning left at the junction towards Brgy. Tigbao and onwards, passing thru Brgy. Salvacion, the old Sab-a basin area, and on to the municipality of Sta. Fe.

The scenes along the way were rustic – a very much a welcome sight fully appreciated by urban dwellers like us – certainly a far cry from the “Highly Urbanized City” image city administrators would want the electorate to yearn for and embrace.



















~ by gerryruiz on 28 November 2008.

12 Responses to “Sunset & other candids & scenes: Tigbao-Sta. Fe Road”

  1. wow! sir, u really are good at your craft. i salute you po.

  2. Sorry, HUC is not an ‘image’. Its a provision in the Local Government Code which every locality is supposed to ‘take’ when it attains certain criteria.

  3. Thanks for the enlightenment, Butz. Some thought it meant ‘Highly Urbanized Corruption.’ Bad! 😉

  4. What are those spots in one of your sunset pix – birds in flight?

    Thanks for sharing this. As usual – up to the GRUIZ photo standard of excellence!

    I think Colin’s family also has property in the area i.e. if it hasn’t passed on to the CARP yet.

  5. Thanks, Ding! Yes, flock of birds – hundreds, maybe thousands of them, scene-stealers nga namamarayaw when I took those photos!

  6. are you sure they were birds? since it was almost sunset… it could have been BATS. In the 1970s I used to go trampling around that area (aktibista days)… Once or twice we even hiked from a barrio (old name of barangays) in San Miguel to Tacloban, passing thru the mountains of Babatngon to a barrio in the northern barrios of Tacloban. The area was later declared by the Dictator Marcos as part of the Leyte Sab-a Basin Development Authority (called Sab-a Basin) Project. Amazingly, I was already doing the walking without any shoes or tsinelas at all… thickening and strengthening my feet. I wish I had brought along a camera during those times but we were more concerned on testing how fast we could move along the area and not to enjoy the view… Tika-upay la iton imo mga kuha, ka gerry… Mabuhay ka, Ka Gerry.

  7. Thanks, Kaedong! It did cross my mind they were bats (in fact, I did ask my nearest companion, another photog, if they weren’t bats). He said they were mayas. Now I am no longer so sure…

  8. WOW, that’s amazing! I was born and raised in Tacloban but I never knew that we have some true nature beauty far from the “polluted-kinda” image of a city. Do hope our city officials would encourage to develop and put a “sanctuary or mountain” kinda resort here. That’s cool! By the way, I love your pix Mr. Gerry keep up the good work! Nakakahome-sick ka tuloy! Sana makabakasyon na ako at umuwi dyan sa atin. Sir Gerry, when are you gonna update us with the current status of soon-to-open Gaisano Central and Robinson’s Mall Tacloban? I’m excited to hear the latest buzz and see what’s gonna look like.

  9. Hello again Ka Gerry, sorry meron ka na palang update ng newest and first-ever shopping mall in Tacloban, the Gaisano Central Mall. Sa wakas meron nang mall akong mahahang-outan pag-uwi at malapit lang sa T. Claudio Street. Thanks nga pala for the information!

    Ka Gerry, I have some information that Guiuan has something hidden treasure (and soon to be realized) that awaits us – I’m talking about Calicoan Island. They say that it is more beautiful than Boracay Island because it is untouched (I mean not yet developed). White beach din sya, may portion na puede ka mag-surfing at ang linaw pa ng tubig-dagat. I’m hope that someday you could blog it here and do some nice shots so that everyone could see the beauty awaits to be discovered…the Calicoan Island. Malay natin sumikat pa sya lalo. Also, I heard there are some beautiful white sand beaches around the Biliran Island (and its islets) and they’re nice too. Good for snorkeling and diving daw. So, why do you have to go far away from our own backyards to shoot beautiful scenes if we could have it here? Thanks in advance!

  10. iJun, obviously you haven’t gone through my photoblog’s previous posts. A simple search using the site’s “Search Within Blog” box found at the right column would yield you a lot of surprises.

    I have covered and been to Calicoan and Biliran islands numerous times already and have posted several photos of them here.

    Here are some of them.


    Here’s what you get when you search for “Biliran”:

  11. hello mr. ruiz. i’ve been googling your site for quite some time now. your pics are all nice. reminds me of home. =) im from alangalang. by the way, that’s why your photos aptly titled scenic shots sta.fe-tigbao road is somewhat comforting. i’m away from home at the moment. homesickness is tormenting me. hahaha =)

  12. Your pictures are cool, seem to have its own signature to it.

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