Tacloban Mall Aspiration: Update Dec 2, 2008

Update: Dec. 2, 2008

Gaisano Central had its soft opening last Fri, Nov 28. The 1st and 2nd floors are occupied by Gaisano Supermarket and Department stores. The 3rd floor, which is occupied with 25 variety stalls, is set to open before Christmas.

Robinson’s Place Tacloban, on the other hand, has reset its target opening to the 1st quarter of next year.


Nov 06, 2008 post:

Many are waiting for this. Here are the latest photos of the ongoing “mall” constructions in Tacloban City.

Christmas soft opening? Hmmm… I really wonder if they can do it.

For those Taclobanons and other Warays who have been away for sometime wondering where these two are located, Gaisano Central is what used to be the Republic Theater between RCPI and BPI along Justice Romualdez St. Its frontage may not be that wide but it stretches inside all the way to the other side of the block reaching T. Caludio St.

Robinsons Place Tacloban, on the other hand, is along the national highway in Marasbaras, about 300 meters from the Coca-Cola rotunda going to Palo, occupying the area of what used to be the old Tabo-an Market.

Photos taken Nov. 6, 2008.

Gaisano Central Tacloban:




In Marasbaras, here’s Robinsons Place Tacloban:




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~ by gerryruiz on 6 November 2008.

24 Responses to “Tacloban Mall Aspiration: Update Dec 2, 2008”

  1. Gerry, you read everyone’s mind! Gaisano looks closer to a soft opening in December than Robinsons. Robinsons still needs major structural work that will take more than just a couple of months to finish. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have a feeling that both of these places will open the early part of next year.

  3. Gerry, I’m just curious to know if these two soon to open malls have considered constructing a parking space for their costumers which I believe is required by law.(Building Code of the Phil.) correct me if I’m wrong. Dida hiton picture iton Gaisano Mall waray man ada parking space. Ambot la ha may T.Claudio street kon mayda lugar didto pagparada hin sarakyan iton Gaisano….

  4. The Code is clear on the need to have parking spaces for malls – there is no exception for this. The requirement is listed under Division E-2 Commercial and varies per the character of occupancy. The city should not turn a blind eye on this requirement. I’m tired of seeing commercial developments around the country without parking spaces. This reflects how ignorant most of the building officials are in the country, and most of them are civil engineers (and not architects) without having educational and professional backgrounds in building design.

  5. On the Robinsons, it looks like they have surface parking spaces looking at their perspective.

  6. hey, mr. ruiz, can you do us a big favor and scout for the possible stores opening at the said malls?…this is a bit of a relief for me at knowing that kfc is opening its doors at the soon-to-open gaisano mall…for a while, tarpaulins of local products/ tiangge-type stores covered the facade of the mall and it looks like nothing else was new…

  7. hello…thanks gerry for the updates…i doubt if the two can open this Dec…

    to HG…good you’re here, at least we will learn something about proper constructions and building codes. Unlike don sa Tanauan blogsite na puro paninira lang ang mga ginagawa…may masulat lang.

  8. Gaisano Central doesn’t seem to have enough space for a front parking lot. However, that rather big entrance on the left side of the building could lead to basement parking. Hope so… Parking in Downtown rea is already hard enough. Also, J. Romualdez is already a very busy street without the mall. If this thing doesn’t have adequate parking, it’s going to be one big oversight.

  9. I’ve heard there are parking spaces in the basement level. And also there is one cinema? That’s great!

  10. as per info, gaisano central has enough parking space at the back of the mall. it was supposed to be a 4 story mall but due to its soft lot location, they made it just a 2 story mall. SAYANG!!! nywez. it’s better than none and they’re going to open before christmas time! robinsons mall will not be able to open next month as planned ‘coz the contractor has not yet been paid up. that’s why construction pace has slowed down. it’s due to open early next year na lang…

  11. Hi Gerry, nice pics and very informative blogsite for the Taclobanons abroad. Sounds like there are more places to go for shopping next year when I get back. HG is right, most of the city building officials or city town planners in RP are not qualified and have no basic education on urban planning & design. Mostly engineers not architects.

  12. Hi Gerry! It’s been a while since I visited Tacloban. I think the last time I was there was July 2008 before the hustle began… I also thought about parking space + has the “traffice congestion” been considered? I think for Robinsons, it wouldn’t really be big time traffic since huruhaluag it dalan pero ha Justice I think it will be a pain on every vehicle owner’s head. Especially kun kagawas na tikang opisina…

  13. From Business World: GAISANO CENTRAL MALL opens today!!!USWAG PA TACLOBAN!!!

  14. Yup! GAISANO CENTRAL opens today! congested traffic..thanks to the city traffic coordinator for making the traffic smooth as possible..anywz, it’s huge inside..I can’t wait for the opening of Robinsons..i can’t wait to watch movies in huge cinemas..

  15. That’s great! Kailan kaya ang Robinson? Can we have photos inside the Gaisano Central? Thanks

  16. Hello! It’s been a long time since my last visit here… bad trip kay gin-block han amon company kan gerry site.. aw-anon am IT security didi.. na notice nya ada adlaw adlaw gin vivisit ko ini nga site.. about Robinson’s kon mismo robinson’s officials it nag siring na makakaopen hira hit xmas.. then they will for sure kay igo namanla it nira ig pan sasalpak na mga ready to assemble walls. Wooooo excited na ako umuli!! yeah.. to all ha mga nag wawaray waray dinhi ha blog thank you.. Its better to use the dialects of our region since it gives more feel of being “home”.. for non waray2x salamat la gihap hin madamo for visiting our “virtual home” o ha original iton virtual home,,. 🙂 ..

  17. Agree ako ha im John waray, iba gud kun im yinaknan it im gingagamit. Ika nga, iba talaga pag waray-waray heheheee…Ka Gerry, appreciate ko it im blogsite kay doro ka informative it im mga topics ngan it mga replies hin iba na kababayan naton na aadi ha langyaw labnasan. Unta di ka magsasawa mag update im blog, keep up the good work. Request lang ako Ka Gerry nasiring hira nag-abre na daw an Gaisano Central puede ka ba mag-post hit picture hit solod it nga mall. Curious lang kami. Picturan mo na rin kun ano it mga stall, food chains, boutiques, o tiangge man pati na gihap it dept. store/food court/grocery and parking area na rin (basement kun may ada). THANKS!

  18. Didi ha Auckland, New Zealand mayda kami grupo hin mga Waraynon ngan kaurogan hito mga taga Tacloban ngan Palo and other nearby areas ha Leyte. Nag u-urusa ngani kami, dire puede magyakan hin English o Tagalog na manla kay baga para gihap ma-feel namon nga ada la gihap kami ha Tacloban, LOL. Anyway, salamat gud Gerry nga nakita ko ini nga imo blogsite kay at least na manla may update kami didi parte hit Tacloban labi na hit update hit Malls. It akon mga anak didi nasiring nga kon san’o pa daw kami lumakat ha Tacloban asya pa nagka-mayda Robinsons. Mahidlaw na gihap an bulalo ha Calle Z. Dire ka la maaram Gerry pirmi kami nakada ha Calle Z hadto, LOL.

  19. Hi sir gerry!!! ask ko lang po kung open na ang robinsons. i’m from manila, i’m rhoda cayanan, marketing executive from mannequin inc. pls advise me kung open na po ang robinsons. thanx! god bless…..

  20. Gerry please post the latest improvements of Robinsons Tacloban. Please. 😀

  21. latest photos plssss..hehehe:-D

  22. Hello, Gerry. Nalilipay ak nga nakabaro han imo site. Usa ako nga Taclobanon, taga Marasbaras. Na-agree ak kan Kiwi nga Waray-waray – kon san-o kami lumakat asya lugod an pag-upay na han Tacloban. Nalilipay gud ako hit imo blog ngan an imo utube nakatuok ak kon guin-play ko an Coming Home kay 18 months na ak nga naharayo. Pero tungod hit imo site ginpapahinumdum ak ngan na-u-updte liwat kon ano it natatabo na ngada ha Tacloban. Damo nga salamat ha imo, Gerry….God bless….

  23. hi gerry, how are you doin’? been reading your website and i’m happy that at last there will be a mall – to do shopping and a place to unwind hahahah hope it will be open by the time I’m there, and in time for our fiesta …. see you when I get there … keep up the good work. regards to ludette and others ….


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