5 Responses to “A walk thru Vigan’s Heritage Lane at dusk”

  1. nice pics here, sir gerry! i like the first pic best! looks like the pics that i saw in some books before. vigan is really one of the best destinations here.

  2. Great shots of Calle Mena! You’re right, it certainly gives you the feeling of being in a time warp. Vigan has done a good thing about preserving all those buildings and the cobblestone street. Thanks for sharing, Gerry.

  3. nice series again, way to go comrade!

  4. It’s not Calle Zaragosa… it’s Calle Crisologo… 🙂

    • Thanks for writing, Bongcs.

      I looked around if I indeed committed a typo error in my post but I didn’t find what you were pointing out. Fair to conclude then that you mistook the link address I posted for the gallery which is http://www.callezaragosa.com.

      The name of our company is calle Zaragosa and our website is http://www.callezaragosa.com. The photo gallery is hosted and located at that site hence you probably thought it was a mistake. 😉

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