Island hopping in Talalora, Samar

Last Saturday, a motley group of photo hobbyists from Tacloban City found themselves huddled together in a motorized banca under pouring rain in an instant island-hopping photoshoot at the northern mouth of the famed San Juanico Strait – the longest strait in the world, separating the islands of Samar and Leyte.

The group was originally headed for a photo gig at a farm In Babatngon, Leyte – some 33 kilometers north of Tacloban City. Last minute unavailability of the farm shoot forced the group to head off to an island expedition to Talalora, Samar – 45 minutes by pump boat across the San Juanico Strait from Babatngon.

The scene as we departed from Babatngon: intimidating weather up ahead…

Then the clouds cleared up…

Babatngon Lighthouse at mouth of San Juanico Strait

Guimit Island, Talalora, Samar

Poblacion Talalora, Samar

~ by gerryruiz on 28 October 2008.

5 Responses to “Island hopping in Talalora, Samar”

  1. thank you for featuring my beloved hometown… more pics on special events/feast day of ST. JAMES THE APOSTLE.

  2. Thanks a lot for taking time to visit my place, Talalora with its Guimit Cave which has a potential to be a tourist destination like the Sohoton Caves of Basey, Samar.

  3. thanks to the people who got the opportunity to visit my hometown Talalora,Samar.
    welcome to all of you, who enjoyed visiting our nearby towns, barrios and our main tourist attraction – the “GUIMIT CAVE,” the wonder beauty of Talalora.

    • I am aching to visit the place – do you know where I can get more information on how to get there and where to stay, what to do, etc.?

  4. Would love to visit there! Are there accommodations available for tourists yet?

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