Doctor Fish

Kangal fishes originate from the Middle East (in rivers and springs of Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Turkey & Syria.)

These fishes nibble on your dead skin cells by scrapping their tiny mouths against your skin, sort of like exfoliation, the natural way!

Now used in some of the more expensive spas in the world and the subject of much medical research, this fish supposedly releases some enzymatic secretion and dithranol – a component of dermatological creams which enhances the skin condition and helps new skin cells regenerate a little faster than usual.

Photos taken September 07, 2008 at Night Safari complex, Singapore.

~ by gerryruiz on 20 October 2008.

9 Responses to “Doctor Fish”

  1. wow. that looks a bit freaky. but still pretty cool

  2. wow comrade gerry, keep it up!!!

  3. Thanks, Comrade Xdayv & Sol!

  4. tito gerry pwede kayang dilis ang ilagay namin sa HUSAI? hehehe 😀

  5. where can i find doctor fish here in the philippines so i can buy and would you know how much?

  6. where can you buy doctor fishes in manila

  7. Cynthia & Cristopher, Am sorry guys, I don’t have knowledge on their particular sourcing.

  8. i would love to know more about these fish. i live in australia and would love to start a fish spa here as a lot of people including myself suffer from skin disorders

  9. i tried the fish spa in manila ocean park.. it’s really ticklish! lol.. i had fun, and it really relaxes you

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