Canigao Island, Matalom, Leyte

Among the most beautiful beaches the province of Leyte has to offer can be found in the small island of Canigao off the municipality of Matalom.

White, fine, sandy beaches and crystal clear, unpolluted waters await nature lovers who visit the peaceful and serene island – a perfect place to commune with nature.

Canigao Island used to be under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Coast Guard – there is an existing lighthouse there – but now it’s been turned over and being managed by the Local Government Unit of Matalom. The tiny island is uninhabited and one can walk around it in less than half an hour.

It’s a great place for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and, yes, camping!

One gets to Canigao via a 2-and-a-half hour drive from Tacloban City over well-paved roads to Matalom, and a short 15-20-minute motorized banca ride from the poblacion.

We camped out recently at Canigao Island…

Getting across to the island (in the horizon in pic below) from Matalom, Leyte – a heady 15-min motorized banca ride. With a setting sun, the view was spectacular, to say the least!

Sunset at Canigao Island…


Update: We were at Canigao Island April 09-11, 2009. View my post here:

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  1. wow!! what a wonderful beach. that’s what i call nature’s wonder.

    thanks mr gerry ruiz for these wonderful pictures in your blog.

    malipayon ako nga bisan harayo ako ngada ha tacloban (Abucay), Samar (hernani & catbalogan) nai-ibanan it akon kamingaw ngadi ha middle east, tungod la hini nga imo photoblog. i’m one of your avid blog visitors/photoblog fans. i don’t miss viewing and visiting this site everyday.

    how about any new photo updates on the construction of Robinsons and Gaisano Malls?

    more power and keep it up!

    • Hi Mr. Gerry! I super love your blog about Canigao Island. Actually I was there w/ my family two weeks ago and I LOVED IT. The place was awesome… and that’s my first time to really enjoy swimming under the heat of the sun. Hope many would go and visit this island. 🙂

  2. Hi papa ger! Great pix of canigao! went there when i was still with the Leyte LGU and really liked the place. with the development made by the matalom LGU, we have a new place to bring our guests na.
    So where will our next family outing be? canigao? hinunangan? padre burgos? hope we will find time to do that. george and the kids are just as eager to go on a road trip again.

  3. Gerry, imo mga shots talo mo pa an Boracay hini. Makada kami hito. TY again for posting… More power!

  4. kuya, i like the photos… hope more tourists will visit our place.

    god bless.

  5. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing your artwork and talent.

  6. Hello, I never thought that Canigao Island will look so good now. I used to visit Canigao before during my Senior year when I was back home in Leyte. Canigao is very near in our place. We used to go there with my classmates to celebrate whatever occasions we had. Thanks a lot. I look forward to visit it soon when I get back home. Many memories I’ll always treasure of that island.

  7. hi gerry, ang ganda talaga ng view sa canigao. talo pa ang elat or dead sea sa bansang israel. mingao na gyud ko kaayo, dugay na kaayo – mga tuig – wala ka-bakasyon sa canigao, ang meeting place of all of my friends during weekly picnics. before, i resided by the seaside in front of canigao.

  8. your photos of canigao are really awesome. it’s about time somebody took notice and posted professional photos of that island on the web. thank you very much!

  9. wow!…thanks for noticing Canigao Island!…great pictures dude!…i’m a native of Matalom…

  10. your pic has brought justice to the awesome beauty of canigao, underneath those powdery white sand and clear blue water is scenery waiting also to be uncovered..and this all can be easily reached from the mainland of matalom. As a matalomnon we salute your features of canigao. Matalom used to be called “MATAHUM” or beautiful, continue discovering matahum of Matalom

  11. hi! canigao is only 20 minutes by small boat (banca) from my home. before i left for abroad, it was not like this. now everything has changed. i’m very happy to hear people now visit this very beautiful place. it’s a very memorable place for me and thanks gerry for the photos.

  12. I appreciate a lot your pix of Canigao Island, Mr. Ruiz. I’m a faculty member of USC and I’m planning to make Matalom the subject of the cultural heritage mapping project of my students, hoping to contribute a little in giving justice to the heritage of our place. Seeing your breathtaking pix in the net are just right on time. Kudos.

  13. hi!!

    that place is totally 100% nice. was there 3 years ago. hindi pa ganyan ang view at that time. but it seems much nicer now that there are small cottages. soon to visit there again 🙂

  14. How wonderful is God creations, Canigao Island is one of the best beaches in the Philippines or in the world. Matalom is so blessed by this island, truly Matalom means Matahum (beautiful). Thank you, Ger for your WOW PICTURES. God bless you and all Matalomnons.

  15. just visited canigao recently. wow, ang laki ng pinagbago. during my primary years till now, this is our paradise. canigao witnessed every dream i had. thanks, gerry, for making us matalomnons more proud of it.

  16. wow, ang ganda pala nang canigao. i’ve never been there but hopefully, kapag makauwi ako sa pinas i will go there. i like it, it looks like boracay but mas-maganda ba ang canigao? talo na cla. anyway, kuya Ger ur the best. nice kau ang pics na gipost mo. i know if someone wud visit it, i know they wud like it. it’s so nice talaga
    god bless u tnx…

  17. maayo ke me nagblog regarding canigao…

    thanks gerry

  18. hello, sir gerry… nice photos of canigao…matagal na ako hinde nakapunta sa canigao… last uwi ko was 2008. Dec hinde ako nakapunta… i’m proud to say that we have a beautiful island like boracay… my friends want to go to canigao… thanks sa photos my friends have now seen it… from davao, remy

  19. makada kami hit valentine’s day mga loveless man kuno kami

  20. hi, sir gerry…thanx for posting your masterpieces about canigao. i’m so proud of it as a lumad matalomnon. what you did would surely let the world know about matalom and its greatest asset – the canigao island. naa na koy ikapanghambog about the place where i come from. in behalf of all matalomnons, i thank you for the great job (makatabang ni ug daku sa kauswagan sa matalom sir). more power to you sir….

  21. sobrang kanindot na bitaw karon sa canigao murag dili ko makatoo sa akong nakita…dako na ang kausaban kay sa una ug karon……pwede diha ang reception sa kasal namo? thanks sir gerry sa pagpanindot ninyo sa atong nag inusarang isla diha sa atong lugar…..from arcel of sta. paz

  22. i was there last february 8, 2009 after the fiesta of tabang where my relatives live… i was shocked kasi di na sya tulad ng dati when i was 8 yrs. old. kasi after 10 long years, ngayon lang ako nakabalik ng leyte. canigao island masasabi ku na siguro one of the hot spots for tourism in leyte…

    thanks, gerry, for the wonderfull pix. it reminds me of my childhood…..
    keep up the good work, bro… thanks again…

  23. kahusay man ine nga imo site,mga photos. Congrats. Nice job igan.

  24. nice pix of canigao, how much more in reality…i shall go there i come!:D

  25. kuya gerry, pano kumada kun tikang ka tacloban? hain it matalom, waah if i knew about this matagal na ak sumulong ngada mas mahusay pa kesa boracay…tutdu-i daw…thanks for the info.

    • Matalom is the last town of the Leyte Province on the western side. So you take the route headed towards Maasin, So. Leyte. If you’re commuting, I believe there are aircon vans and regular buses either headed for Matalom proper or going further south to Maasin. Once you reach Matalom, head for the Municipal Hall where one can ask for the necessary assistance. Note that Canigao is currently being “managed” by the local municipal government.

  26. Hello Gerry,

    I appreciate your wonderful pixs of various tourist attractions in Leyte. This will encourage Leytenos working overseas “para bumakasyon dida ha aton”. Keep up the good work & more power…

  27. wow! nice pix of canigao. thanks sir i’m proud of this. by the way i’m from matalom & i hope these pix will boost up tourism in this island.

  28. woow!!..nice beach..

  29. Naa na diay mga cottages in Canigao? When we went there back in 2003 with my college barkada, we camped in the island for 2 nights and 3 days (amoang version of survivor kunohay) until our freshwater ran out. I remember the only structure in the island at that time was the lighhouse and aside from the caretaker whom we befriended, there were no other people who spent the nights there. That was almost 6 years ago and yet I still remember the feeling of being in awe of the night stars scattered across the dark, clear sky of summer. We spread our mat and passed the drink around while lying and looking up. I thought I could die like this, under the majesty of the beauty of the skies. See, I even got poetic because I was smitten by such beauty.

  30. And just to clear my conscience, just a confession. Since we were so thirsty, we begged manoy the caretaker for a few young coconuts. He said it was owned by somebody and it was not allowed. But finally, he relented hehe. I climbed up and ‘stole’ a few bucos. I’m sorry..

  31. Wow Canigao!

  32. hi gerry, you’ve done a great job that makes us “matalomnons” proud of our beautiful white sand island – a place to relax and enjoy…

    from: Turista Souvenirs – “keeping your memorable stay last…”

  33. unforgetable!!! yun lang!!

  34. woOow`!.
    i alReADy miSs cAnigAo`!,
    actuAlLy wE WeNt thErE lAst
    sUndAy, apRil 05,2009
    aNd WhEn wE gOt hOme
    i wAntEd to gO bAck thERe

    AiilHubyoo cAnigAo`!..

  35. canigao island is one of a kind! one in a million!!!

  36. i think canigao island needs a rescue! it has been polluted and is being used like a landfill. the government and the people need to do something about this. Save and Protect this piece of island.

    • Hi Jane, thanks for your feedback. Indeed, last time we went there (April ’09) we noticed some lapses in waste “management.” We have brought up this matter to the mayor’s attention and let’s hope they take heed, specially since more people now visit the island.

      In fact we even suggested that a take-your-garbage-back-w/-you policy be adopted but to make sure these are not thrown out into the sea on the way back to the mainland.

  37. Mano Gerry, it would be nice if LSF can have a visit and it’ll be nicer if it’ll happen while i’m home.

    Nice photos!!!

  38. Hi Cris! Yes, it would be one great EB if it happens. We were at the island during the Holy Week break. View the newer photos here:

    • Hi Gerry, very nice post. Finally I’ve booked my schedule to visit Canigao, with my family & kids. We just came from Baguio City and relocated here in Lapu-Lapu City last April 2, 2009 due to work. I’m hoping to enjoy the place.

  39. hai mga taga agbanga matalom, salig ky duol mo ug canigao hehehe, nindotah na kaayo n-u beach dha sah…..regardz q ni meliza ug ni rasil apil sharlyn…moadto ta ninju ug canigao ineg uli nahu ha!!! di na ko k2o nga engana na ang canigao ka lami…..pde mag date dha? bisita nin-u ang canigao mga ky maka relax kaau sa tanan ang lugar bsan sa picture rah hehehe. CANIGAO ROCKZ!!!

  40. hi dis is elsa golz and cherelyn paz.nindot na gyud ang canigao island ang dami nang pumunta na foreigners kaya malapit nang ma discover.hi sa mga clasm8 namo dha hoy mag reunion naman tayo sa canigao kay nindot na kaayo mga guys gu der na!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. hi guys mangadto ta sa canigao inig uli naho puhon ha kay na xcited na ako mu adto sa canigao kay nindot naman diay kaayo didto!!!!kay lami e lub2 sa dgat na green2 na blue2 unya laum pa kaayo wow maenjoy gyud taana pag dala mo ug lechon ha mga geys puhun kamo!

  42. hi sa mga taga matalom, leyte esp sa koa mga friends dha tawn… haide and ate ivy mga pipol sa zaragosa og mga bugoy sa dumog hi nnju tanan hehehe!!arang nindota na jud d i sa canigao ui murag kaulion ko dah …i was there six years ago nindot na ag place but now nag improve na jud og guys come and visit d island nah. puhon mamiesta pod ko anha hahaha…

  43. I seriously hope people are educated in the matters of preservation and management of the island. Not just in matalom but all the other “undiscovered” places in the Phils (well around the world too). We’d hate to see it go down the same way as Boracay. Although I’ve never been there, I can’t really say much. I think people only flock there because of the party life. BUT PLEASEEEE for the love of God and all things holy, please take care of our natural treasures.

    I’m not a “greenie” but it would be nice if people don’t treat the world as their personal rubbish bin.

    I can’t wait to visit Canigao Island or maybe Higatangan Island.

  44. hi sir gerry, thank you sooo much for all the efforts, and to everyone, for all the concerns for our beloved canigao island. i really do love this island. i used to swim in its clear waters and not to mention the staying overnights, i also used to pick up empty beautiful shells while wandering around the island with my family & cuzins or frndz during my younger years. i left leyte in mid 2003, but b4 i left, i noticed that shells were not as visible as b4. i wasn’t sure if it’s jst bcoz people who also do their picnics there were tempted to pick up those, just like me (“,) or sea shells were already ds2rbed and they’d evacuated to another place 😦 …was born & grew up in tag-os, a small and d last brgy of matalom b4 southern leyte, also situated near the shore and jst 15-20mins ride w/ our so called pump boat. Since i’v left home, i do visit my family once or twice a year and my visit is not complete w/o also visiting this paradise… wala q kaad2 last feb coz I ran out of time (‘twas jst a quick family visit), but i’ll make it sure that i’ll b there on june 29 (it’s our brgy fiesta) or july 1, aftr d fiesta… God is sooo good and i’m so blessed, dat after all the encounters of pollution in the big city, there, i cud sit back, relax and regain myself while enhaling d fresh air… not to mention the sea foods including the sea weeds (guso,lato & ambang) with suka (lol)… wheew! can’t wait for it after seeing this photos! for this, i salute u,sir! didn’t i notice an awesome touch and passion in ur photographs? hmmm, i bet u’r a great photographer! this will not b my first and last time to visit ur site and i’m sure of that. thank you again, sir and more power to you!

  45. thanks for posting those beautiful pics of canigao. i’m from tab-ang and my last visit there was on feb 7 ’08’. i love being there in the island – it’s very very relaxing with the white fine sand… hope to go there again. 😀 thanks again for posting ^^

  46. pwede kong hiramin ang article mo? anyway i will put your name on it…thank you

  47. hey there… great photos of canigao island… beauty at its best… my father is from matalom leyte… we get to visit and stay at matalom twice a year or whenever we feel like wanting to relax. and whenever we have guests, we dare not to let them miss this spectacular view that nature has given us… great photos! you’re an artist! 🙂

  48. hi, kip on promoting canigao, we’ll make that place a spot for everyone… matalomnons!!!

  49. Hala, oi, kanindot na sa Canigao… Proud Matalomnon jud mi…

  50. …fascinating!…

  51. very beautiful island. i was there last june 27-28. i was with my friends from manila. superb vacation. you will really appreciate the beauty of nature. hoping to be back soon! i really love the island!

  52. Hala oi kanindot na d i sa among canigao,…dugay na jud ko wala kauli dha,mga classmates naho prepare mo inig uli naho…reunion jod ta dha sa canigao…akong taya tanan basta basta maka uli ko karong august 16…

  53. nice pix sir gerry……..hi, sir gerry…thanx for posting your masterpieces about canigao. i’m so proud of it as a lumad matalomnon. what you did would surely let the world know about matalom and its greatest asset – the canigao island. naa na koy ikapanghambog about the place where i come from. in behalf of all matalomnons, i thank you for the great job (makatabang ni ug daku sa kauswagan sa matalom sir). more power to you sir….

  54. thanks for posting those beautiful pics of canigao. i’m from Brgy. San Pedro Matalom, Leyte and my last visit there was on May 28, 2008′. i love being there in the island – it’s very very relaxing with the white fine sand… hope to go there again. :sir gerry thanks for posting…..louie lora..kmusta naka dha c sio ni, hope nga mo reply napog ka, regards randix nimo…

  55. hi, sir gerry…thanx for posting your masterpieces about canigao. i’m so proud of it as a lumad matalomnon. what you did would surely let the world know about matalom and its greatest asset – the canigao island. naa na koy ikapanghambog about the place where i come from. in behalf of all matalomnons, i thank you for the great job (makatabang ni ug daku sa kauswagan sa matalom sir). more power to you sir….

  56. hi! had been to canigao island also april of last year with only a few cottages available… it’s nice to know it has improvements within a year. my husband used to visit the place also together with his friends and they would stay there overnight.

  57. hi!…
    i’m marites gelsano and i come from my very own province of leyte…
    tinoud jud nga nice kaayo ang canigao island…
    specially if u and ur family go there…
    you can relax there sobra… and also you can forget your problems for a while… kadiyot lang gud…hehehehe

  58. Hi!!! My name is Adong. I’m from Cebu City and I go to Maasin City every now and then. It’s like Maasin is my second home and just last weekend I went there for their fiesta. Every time I go there, I never a miss going to and visit Cañigao Island in Matalom. I just love the place, more so before when it wasn’t commercialized yet. The island then had no electric power nor any water pump. I remember we had to bring ‘petromax’ for light and lots of water containers – para pangbanlaw… But the white fine sand beach is perfect!!! Love the place so much…

  59. hi!!! it’s really a wonderful island… that’s why i’m proud to be a matalomnon!

  60. nagbakasyon ko niadtong summer daghan na foreigner didto mostly koreans

  61. Hi sir,

    Thanks for posting pictures of Canigao… hope many people around the world would see it and entice them to go there… you serve as an instrument in promoting the island…

    Thanks again…

    God Bless you.

  62. hhahah lge super i love my country super

  63. Hello Kuya Gerry, what lovely photos of canigao island! When my husband saw all the photos, he said he’s very interested and wants to go there when I have holiday with my family. Thanks a lot. Hope we and family go there. Very nice! I’d like to go there and bring loads of food, specially rosted pig (wow!) with tuba hmmm yumyum…

  64. . . .hmmmmm. . . .
    it’s so great to see canigao island that nice and beautiful. .
    im so excited n nga mouli dara sa matalom
    . . oi classm8s mangaligo baya taG canigao ha nig uli nko
    . . ___+ bsf IV-A batch 2008-2009 +______. .

  65. . . .nd tnx sir gerry for posting such nice pics of canigao island

  66. yeah, canigao is really nice i’ve been there many times.

  67. Gerry,

    Hi! Is overnight stay allowed in that island? I am from Tanauan, Leyte and wants to explore other parts of Leyte. Also, some of our family friends are planning on a road trip and explore Leyte at this time.

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

    • Hi, Ofelia. There are “cottages” available where one can spend the night if you’re the adventurous type (no beds, only benches) although most visitors planning to stay overnight bring along tents and camp out. There are public toilets (maintained by the local government) and water in jugs for sale are available. There are policemen detailed in the island to keep security. Am not sure now but last time there was no electric power in the island although plans then were afoot to install a power generator.

  68. Nice, this is the place where I want to spend time together with my girl. Walang kuryente, Lost Island ang dating. hehehe One on my top list of places to visit in LeySam… Next to this is Calicoan… wow!

  69. hay, ganda! di na ‘ko nakakapunta dyan. 5 years na. huhuhu!!!

  70. hahaha.. nice pix… taga matalom ako and i’m proud of it. wee!!! matalomnon rocks… hehehe… God Bless…

  71. Almost 14 years na ako hindi umu-uwi sa Matalom. Sana this year maka-uwi na ako. I am very excited to go home.

  72. Gerry, my mom was from Matalom, I’ve been to this island when I was young… how I’d love to go back soon – go skiing with my cousins, Dodong Galia…

  73. hello po, bernard ngay-an taga tac. i just wanna ask how to get to this place? bale tikang ha manila, just in case kumada kami. i’ve seen some of the good photos from a friend so gusto ko i-invite ak mga barkada na mga taga-manila… hope you can share me a detailed itinerary including the cost. just wanna share to them the beauty of our place in leyte…

    thanks and more power.

  74. waw.. i like the sunset of canigao.. parang sa MALL OF ASIA lang.. ahehehe
    actually my mom is from matalom.. but almost 3-4yrs. na ata akong d naka vacation jan..las kong uwi kaka dvelop lang ng island.. ngaun kaya ?? i have many more caousin in matalom the PAYAC FAMILY
    hmmmpP EXCITED na ko may overnyt sa canigao. this MAY uwi kmi ng matalom with my cousins ang tita..

  75. Yes, were goin’ to that island tomorrow!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!

  76. nice pictures, sir!

  77. tagpira it rate hini na lugar? affordable ini? hain kami masakay pag tikada? ad kami yana ha cebu ngan namimiling kami hin sugad hini na lugar para team building.


  78. wow, ganda na ng Canigao, ah! keep it up! 🙂 we’ll be visiting soon (on may 26) and enjoy Canigao Is.

  79. hi sa tanang taga agbanga hehe… kita kits sa canigao this sunday!

  80. hi gerry, i was there last oct/2009. wow na wow talaga ang canigao. ang laki ng improvement. sayang, ang LGU di magtayo ng lodging houses for customers. cigurado naman maraming mag-chek-in. even just small rooms for resting. additional income for the town, even without electricity.

  81. canigao island is one of a kind place in leyte..
    i’m planning to go back there with my friends soon…

  82. Hi, mag-komento lang ako re: Canigao Island… I was also there when I was young (7 years old pa lang at nung nag-20 ako). Noon wala pa yan mga cottages, isang bahay lang meron dyan. Sa ngayon di na ako nakapasyal dyan sa mga kamag-anak ko (mga Gelsano at mga Vanzuela; isa ako sa mga great-granddaughters ng dating nag kukupkop ng Canigao kasi lolo ko si Barong (Alvaro). Sana ay ma-alagaan ng husto ang Canigao at di masira, sa ala-ala ko sa Matalom at sa clan ko – Architect Jenette Vanzuela Berdida

  83. last may 24, 25 & 26 nag-stay kami sa canigao island with my cousins and family, friends and etc. 2 nights & 3 days kami dun. but i didn’t like the experience – it’s all a fallacy, kasi yung cr kulang… kulang pa talaga. sana pag-balik namin dun maayos na sya. sana may maayos na cr na! and also yung mga basura nag-kalat. parang hindi kaya ng mga tao dun na linisin yung area. tapos yung electricity, mahal ang charge! ei 6-12 lang naman nag-ilaw… grrrrr… di ko like talaga!

  84. i miss the beach there; wish i could go back

  85. Proper Waste Management must be created and implemented, so much garbage now scattered around the island.

  86. WOW, Sir Ger, very nice na pala ang Canigao, no? Excited na ko mouli dira sa Matalom… Mga taga Caridad Sur adto ta ha inag liwas fiesta andam ang pambot daan… hehehe

  87. we’re planning to go to canigao this august. i hope hindi pa ito pangit na katulad ng mga post nila. kasi madumi na daw dun dahil sa basura. we’re very excited na pumunta dun this august after ng fiesta sa abuyog. do u have any ideas kung magkano ang magagastos papuntang island and yung mga accomodation dun? 4 kami puntang leyte from manila. hope may mag-post. thanks. vince here.

  88. @ Vince Bronny

    I also lived in manila but my family and cousins lived in Leyte, and some of them have already been to Canigao.

    You will spend for the banca 45-50 pesos per head
    I’m not sure with the price of the cottage, but i’m pretty sure it will not exceed 500 pesos.

  89. It is still a perfect place to commune with nature.

  90. ang ganda ng island…i can’t wait to go bask there…

  91. it’s a perfect place where you can enjoy nature….

  92. Hello po, Kuya Gerry… heheh, very nice shoots of your blog post entitled Canigao Island… Actually nakapunta na po ako dito; this place is so nice and beautiful… parang ayaw ko na ngang umuwi sa bahay nun, eh… heheh. This island is just in front of my Amo’s house in Leyte, sa Sitio Itum, Matalom.

    Nung nakita ko ulit ang pictures nito, I really had a wonderful time reminiscing on my experiences in this place, so I say, thanks to you… 🙂 and more power to your blog… 🙂

    God bless!!

  93. Hi All!!! Does anyone know of someone there sa island na pwede i-contact for reservation sa cottage? We’re planning to go there this weekend (Nov. 6-7) and wala kaming contact person. We want sana to reserve a cottage kasi night time na kami darating…We’d really appreciate your help!!!:)

  94. @Gerry: Thank You!!!

  95. wow canigao! hopefully our plan to go there will push through…excited!

  96. I love Matalom! My parents are from there and ever since we’ve made it a point to go to Matalom for the fiesta. My wife and I had our honeymoon there, and she didn’t want to leave, especially when we went to Canigao! … the white sand, the clear waters and especially the romantic setting! My family and cousins will have a big reunion there next week! wooho!!!

  97. inig uli naho puhon sa pinas…ang una jud nahong surojon mao ang canigao island…..i just love the place….

  98. pls help me how and where i can make my reservations for a visit to Canigao, and who the contact person is. the parish pastoral council of Burauen plans to have its planning session out-of-town and we chose canigao. please advice us how to get there and about the accommodation. thanks.

    • Hi Amelia. If you read and go over the comments here you would find some useful information (getting there, accommodations, etc.) Canigao Island is being managed by the Matalom Local Gov’t Unit. I’m sorry I do not have their contact numbers but I am pretty sure you would find the info if you do a Google search. 😉

  99. Nice island! Visited it last year with my Tagalog officemates. It was our first time to eat different sea creatures. We had a very “adventurous” meal. I just hope there will be aircon cottages soon. Pls. preserve properly the island.

  100. Oh, what a wonderful place to relax na ba diha sa Canigao Island. I was there during my younger years… anha mi ma-mukot niadto akung uyu-an (Tino Gozon, taga Pong-on San Salvador)l abi na uog ting-hunas og aja-ay kay daghang isda diha, og kinhason. Sana ma-preserve ang kanindot sa isla sama kani-adto hangtod karon. Puhon inig uli nako, mu-anha mi with my family. Mga clasmates nako, Batch 1994 sa Vocational H igh, ingna ko ug na-atay reunion,ha? Pls email ko, or

    Pong-on San Salvador

  101. Canigao is really great.. I haven’t been there but been planning to, long before.. I hope and pray that next month (Oct) I’ll finally witness such paradise.. God has really blessed us so generously with such amazing things! Glory to God!

  102. Thanks Mr. Gerry for sharing these photos with us.. I’m dying to see the place! Awesome! ♥

  103. bby i miss you..cant wait..but i should..!when im back lets dance..

  104. We were there last Nov 5 & 6, 2011. We stayed overnight – so lovely and wonderful place and besides that, maga-an pa sa bulsa.

  105. hello… just asking if we can stay overnight at canigao island for a couple of days. my american husband pointed out canigao for our honeymoon. waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Marjane. It’s been almost 2 years since we last visited Canigao Island so I am not sure how their facilities are right now. Last time we were there, we just pitched tent near the shore line. I suggest you contact directly the Local Government of Matalom (which manages the island) via a google search.

  106. WOW! I’m from Leyte and I didn’t know we had beautiful hidden beaches! The only one I know is San Jose and Dulag! =) Thanks to your blog Sir Gerry now I can add Kalanggaman & Canigao. Will definitely visit these two islands when I come home this Christmas!

  107. Canigao Island is such a heavenly place… one can fully unwind and relax. congrats to the gov’t of Matalom for maintaining the beauty of this hidden treasure island of Leyte..;-)

  108. hello, na miz ko tuloy ang canigao,taga itum matalom ko, atbang lang sa amo-ang baranggay ang canigao, after fiesta san antonio, or during san juan & san pedro fiesta always canigao swimming talaga, kaya na miz ko tung lugar na to kasi daming memories, with family, barkada’s and pwede na rin special someone he..he, lalo na nakita ko ngayon sobrang ganda ng pagkakuha… thank u sir gerry…miz na kita canigao… see u this coming june… sana matuloy bakasyon ko para mapasyalan ko ang isang matahum na isla sa akong hometown… GOD BLESS CANIGAO…

  109. may i know how much the entrance and how to go to Matalom Leyte? san kami sasakay?

    • Hi, sorry but I do not have the current rates. I suggest you do a google search and contact the Municipality of Matalom directly for more info. Buses/vans are at the bus terminal 😉

  110. sir gerry sana ang canigao lagyan nila ng cr at ung basura huwag itapon kung saan-saan lang para mapanatili yung ganda. ang ganda ng ginawa mo ang laking tulong sa mga taga matalom na makilala bilang isang first class na beach

  111. ganda talaga sa canigao comment ko lang ung tubig na pambanlaw maalat

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