Tacloban’s Mall Aspiration: Update 8.06.08

Coming from Palo late last night (namatron kami kadali hehe), we passed by Robinson’s Tacloban to check progress of construction work.

With less than 5 months remaining time till target opening, Christmas ’08, it makes one wonder if the objective can be met…

~ by gerryruiz on 6 August 2008.

16 Responses to “Tacloban’s Mall Aspiration: Update 8.06.08”

  1. a-ba. hahaha nice.

  2. They’re surprisingly fast. The structure is more or less completed. At this rate, I am very optimistic that the December deadline will be met.

    Hmmm, I wonder how the Dumaguete mall construction is doing?

    Thanks for the update Gerry!

  3. If they work 24/7 there’s a possibility that they could finish the building… substantially. It’s obvious from the picture that they are already on the second floor (and I think there are only two floors). Scaffolding and shoring are in place which is usually taken out once the concrete is fully cured and attain its compressive strength at 28 days. The precast concrete walls are not a problem, and I think I see some steel trusses being erected already – it’s a pretty good sign of structural progress. Next step is to seal-off the building. Once the building is sealed-off the finishing touches will go full blast. I know the leasable spaces will remain “bare” with the exception of all common spaces so it’s not a 100% of interior finishing works for this project. I would suspect the cinemas will be a little bit delayed since it requires some specialty construction… but let’s give them a chance.

  4. Very encouraging words, Charles. Thanks.

    HG, thank you, too, for enlightening us about the construction procedures.

    Looks like Taclobanons can look forward to having a different Christmas this year!

  5. Trust me, they will make sure they could open right on or before Xmas. Finished or unfinished. It’s their target to have opening day at Christmas time when people would receive their bonuses and tend to buy stuff and gifts for everybody and where people are so excited of the new Big time Mall.. Advise ko la ha mga tawo uhmm.. spread out kamo ha kay bangin kumilikid it building kon mag puro la kamo ha usa ka side… baga hin barko bah, tungod hit kadamo nakikilikid.. 🙂

  6. Kulang ang photos taken, Gerry. I can’t wait to see more photos of this, and also of the new Gaisano mall. I am very excited!

  7. Hello gerry,

    I already finished my vacation in Tacloban! It was an unforgettable experience having to visit my home again after nearly two years! I witnessed all the events that happened during the Tacloban Fiesta Festivities and it was great. The Sangyaw Festival, I saw it, but not the Pintados Festival. The best part was eating all the native foods again! From lechon to chicharon, from binagol to moron, tinuod gud nga marasa!

    Salamat han mga updates ngan pictures han guin-coconstruct pa nga Robinsons Mall ha Tacloban. Sayang waray ko makit-an an guin-aayad pa an robinsons ha marasabaras. next year na la!

    Go Go Go Tacloban!

  8. how about the gaisano construction? what’s the update? I’m glad for all the Taclobanons that finally, after all these years, we finally are getting a better mall.

    I just wish when the cinemas open that the people would discipline themselves by not vandalizing anything inside, as what I’ve observed before. We must take care of them cuz it will serve as our decent recreational place to relax and enjoy. Please don’t smoke inside and no taking off of shirts. Let’s act like civilized people cuz we’re capable of that.

    God bless and more power to all the Taclobanons and whole region as well. We’re all looking forward to coming home very soon to my beloved Tacloban. See yah…

  9. Hi Mr. Gerry Ruiz, I came across your site a couple of times before but didn’t have a chance to leave a message. I am very impressed with all your entries and am glad you’re giving us updates about what is going on in Tacloban. I actually hail from Basey, Samar but went to college in the city and I stayed at the boarding house just right next to Calle Zaragosa (boarding house managed by Dr. Pablo Amascual of EVRMC), when at that time it was a 24-hr convenience store. Was so fortunate having a convenience store right next door! Agi, man Gerry nahalaba na ak comment. Anyway, thank you so much for your time & effort in keeping this blog current. Greatly appreciated!

  10. If this mall will be completed in December, this will attract balikbayans to come for Christmas. This is a very good sign of progress and a manifestation that Tacloban should be categorized as a highly urbanized city.

  11. Hi Gerry,

    First of all, I’m one of your avid fans of this photoblog of yours! I’m just a novice in the art of photography but I would like to say your pictures are great. [Labi na kay Tacloban is my hometown heheh]… Anyway, I believe Robinson’s will be completed by December even at that rate. Perhaps the first two floors are assured of completion by that time. Anyway, hope to see more pics of this mall especially since it is very close to our home. 🙂

  12. mang gerry..yung gaisano update naman oh for this sept..hehe..

  13. based on what i have heared sa isang news 2009 ng first quarter daw e.open yung robinsons tacloban =]

  14. I hope Robinsons Mall will open before Palarong Pambansa next year. Para naman may mapuntahan ang mga athletes. Leyte province and Tanauan are both adjudged Most Business-friendly Province & Municipality, respectively. Congratulations. Hopefully more investments would come.

  15. they should’ve built this so called “mall” a few years back. what’s the point of building one when most of us “tacloban natives” are not living there anymore?

    kaiha na nga gin hinulat naginilob la kami hin gaisano hadto lol

    it’s good to know that tacloban is getting more industrialized. when i go back to Tacloban i would definitely like to see everything in place =)

  16. Hi Gerry,

    Hey there! I’m so thrilled that finally, after a long wait, Robinson’s finally opened its doors last June 11. Mano Gerry, kindly post recent photos of Robs-Tac. I’m so excited coz I guess most of our kababayans who haven’t been to this kind of establishment will be amazed. Sayang kay dida ak han April umuli during the Palaro. For sure, marisyo it fiesta and more tourists will be attracted to visit our place. Thanks Mano and God bless!

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