Sunday morning at the Tacloban Port Area

We were up early that morning and found ourselves at MacDo at the Tacloban Port Area a little past 6 when I noticed things were quiet than expected. I have been there before about the same time and have observed the flurry of activities as everybody welcomes the new day – from people going to work, those out to do marketing – lots of vendors, traders, commuters (both from puj’s & pumpboats) coming from other towns…

It was then we realized it was a Sunday, thus there were only a few people around and not much activity going on. Nevertheless, we were there already and so we proceeded with our mission: another photoshoot by the leysamfoto group of kodakers. 😉

Here’s a slice of life of the denizens in the wharf area, at the back of the old Public Market/Bus Terminal, taken last Sunday, July 27.

The Philippines, indeed, is the Texting (SMS) Capital of the world!

“I’ll be back!

“My love; my LIFE!”

Window to the world…

Unusual Coke “variants”

“Hmmm, I wonder which one I’m supposed to haul off first?!”

A little girl and her skate board.

Zamora Street at Downtown Tacloban on an early Sunday Morning, viewed from the wharf.

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~ by gerryruiz on 1 August 2008.

16 Responses to “Sunday morning at the Tacloban Port Area”

  1. Ibang level ang creativity ng shots, Gerry! WOW! Vibrant, dramatic, dynamic and vivid. It gives us a new perspective of our beloved town. FYI, I actually check your blog EVERYDAY. Although you don’t post daily, it’s photos like these which make it definitely worthwhile to spend a few minutes of my day checking your site.

  2. Big thanks, Charles, for your inspiring comments! You’re kind! 🙂

  3. love your shots papa gerry..:)

  4. This set is amazing!
    So inspiring…

  5. Thank you, margue & pavelbogacz for the compliments!

  6. Thanks for the wharf shots. They brought back a lot of memories. I used to drive to the wharf in the evening with a couple of friends to enjoy the breeze and eat balut!

  7. Nice images from the ‘photojournalist’ of LEYSAMFOTO!!

  8. hehehe, thanks Cris! wish you could join us next time! 😉

  9. wow! good pics, sir gerry! what i like about your shots is that you succeed in telling stories behind the pics. seeing pics here makes me miss tacloban even more…

  10. What happened and what is now the Old Melanie Department Store?

  11. pics remind me a lot back, when i was still in tacloban. i used to go out exercise at city hall around 4:30 a.m. and head to mcdonald’s for breakfast. i miss tacloban… nice pics ‘nway!

  12. I’m being serious
    [and I hardly say this, trust me]
    but these photographs are amazing

  13. Thank you, Richard. 🙂

  14. Hi, Gerry, you have fabulous photos of Tacloban… I’ll link it in my site. Have a great day!!!

  15. great images and concepts

  16. Wow, Tacloban, Tacloban! How can I forget you… My best city. Hope diri na mabaho it terminal…

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