Another ordinary day at the Fish Shed

The newly-organized group composed of local photo hobbyists and enthusiasts went on a photoshoot recently at the Tacloban Fish Shed located at Old Road, Sagkahan District, Tacloban City.

The Tacloban Fish Shed came into being as more fishing boats coming in from the sea made it their preferred docking point (instead of at the old Tacloban Public Market) to unload their fish catch. As more and more fishing boats unloaded their catch at the area, it became the major fresh fish trading center for the city. Naturally, a wet market followed suit selling not only fresh seafoods but also vegetables, poultry and meat, and all other food and cooking essentials.

I had taken aerial shots of the general area months earlier. Here they are…

The following photos were taken during the early morning shoot last July 19, 2008:

It was not all fish, of course…

View more photos at the full gallery (32 pictures):

~ by gerryruiz on 28 July 2008.

7 Responses to “Another ordinary day at the Fish Shed”

  1. Hagi, namimingaw nala ako hit Talipapa ha V & G!

  2. Amo la gihap it shed, ano Gerry? Waray man la gihap pagbalyo pero maupay dida pamerkado basta aga pa. Ha Bislig ug merkado ha Tanauan, Leyte ok gihap pamerkado, barato basta aga. TY again, Gerry.

  3. Kahuna ko ig relocate na nira an SHED ngadto ha may Diit? well, I miss the shed & I used to do business there for 2 years operating a fishing boat hadto.

  4. Gerry, thank you for doing this, I feel like I wanna come home now. Too bad I have to wait ’till 2010. I have been living in Maryland since 1991. Ha Tacloban ako dumako [grew up] nagtitinda ako cellophen or sando bag ha mercado. In my 18 years of living in America I’ve only had six vacations. Again, thank you for featuring Tacloban, my hometown!

  5. Hello Gerry, I am from Nulatula, I found your site in my search with fishing in Tacloban. Fishing is one of my hobbies, my past time activity. Do you know a good place to fish that are safe for children under 10 yrs? I know balyuan tower, pero mas maupay kunta kun may maplit-an nga boat. Sorry for being off-topic. Nice website, and goodluck for your photography. I will surely come back to this site, gin-bookmark ko na ini. 🙂

  6. I will be fishing in Tacloban in August… fly fishing, in fact. Any species you would recommend going after?

    • Sorry but I’m not an authority on fishing hehe. Besides, from what I’ve heard, everybody seems to be complaining about the continued drop of fish catch in our area 😦

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