Tacloban Fiesta ’08: Sangyaw Festival

Here are photos taken of the Tacloban Sangyaw Festival ’08 held June 29, 2008:

The Makati Delegation (guest contingent)…

A member of the Makati Drum & Bugle Corps (above); Makati’s colorful dancers, below:

The Agtas…

The Bacolod Maskara Festival (guest delegation):

The Cocowayan Festival of Isabela City, Basilan (guest contingent):

The Sapatero Festival of Marikina (Overall 2nd- runner up; 2nd place – Best in Streetdancing):

Cebu Sinulog’s Lumad Basakanon (Overall 1st runner up; Winner – Best in Streetdancing; Best in Costume):

Tacloban’s Tribu Kabatok (Grand Champion – Sangyaw ’08; 2nd place – Best in Streetdancing; Best in Music; Best Choreographer):

~ by gerryruiz on 7 July 2008.

19 Responses to “Tacloban Fiesta ’08: Sangyaw Festival”

  1. Thanks a lot, Gerry. I got to see the costumes and presentation of the main winners of the Sangyaw Festival. Excellent artistry and presentation. Hope to see the choreography on YouTube someday. I also found out how the Agtas’ bow is designed. I hope we’re able to replicate those bows here in SoCal.

  2. nice photos, sir. so bad, i missed the event.

    anyways, i just read your comment on my blog. thanks for dropping by. i just would like to clarify that i didn’t grab any photo on your site. the photo that i used in my header was grabbed from my former classmate’s friendster account. i don’t have an idea if she took that photo herself or grabbed it from any other’s site.

    my apologies if that’s really your photo. i would delete that photo then…

  3. hi beero, thanks for the write back. you don’t have to delete; sent you reply by PM.

  4. Thanks, Gerry for sharing, made me regret not going home for the fiesta this year. Once again your generous intentions is evident.

  5. Awwww! Really good job, Gerry! I enjoy viewing all the pics…and nice to know that Marikina was a part of the Sangyaw festival.

    Keep on clicking that shutter! 🙂

  6. tnx gerry for sharing those great shots taken from sangyaw festival. i really missed such event. hope to be around next year and visit your bar with my family. sarap mag lite beer jan with matching bulalo bah… hehe…

  7. the colors, the smiles, the festive mood — you captured it! keep clickin’

  8. thank you guys for your kind words. great food for the soul. 🙂

  9. thanks gerry, nice pix. kun diri gad la udog nagkaka-burubingkilay inin aton mga kabugtuan dida ha probinsya ngan ciudad, maupay gad unta nga pag-usahon nala inin nga Sangyaw-Pintados festivities. pero God has its plan. so be it.

  10. wow, what a masterpiece…. i am also a photography addict
    great! great!

  11. these are wonderful photos… thank you for sharing them… they are even better than seeing it in person…

  12. congratulations gerry, job well done, as always. thank you very much for sharing your lovely photos, nakakatambal hit homesickness esp hit patron nga damo it actividades. cheers!

  13. Beautiful pictures, Gerry, thank you so much for sharing them with us… Sayang waray ako makauli yana nga patron. Kamakaruruyag ngan hin kamabaysay pagkinitaon hinin imo mga litrato Gerry. God bless you always!

  14. wow! these pictures are pretty… and you have me on those pictures… i love it… can i grab one???

    congratulations for a great work. i’m mye2 from tribe kabatok…

  15. Wow! What more can I say, your pictures are really perfect. You captured it all. Congratulations for a great job. Keep on sending us more. You should be working with National Geographic. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  16. wow wow wow! what a great fascinating photo’s. nakakamingaw an tacloban, kanugon nga waray ako makauli yana nga patron. congratulations mr. gerry for a great job and thank you for sharing us all this beautiful pictures.

  17. a superlative wow!!!! just looking at the pix as if i’m in the crowd!! again damo nga salamat ha imo!!

  18. I really love the photos!!! And what I love the most is the picture of my group dancers from Makati… Great job! Continue capturing pictures >>>you’re the best…

  19. sir i wanted to see the full photo of leyte tribal costume ASAP i nid it badly,hope u could help me….thanks so much ,,,,en2

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