Easy getaway: Caluwayan Palm Island Resort

A favorite getaway for the family, Caluwayan Palm Island Resort & Restaurant offers an easy option for one who wants a quick change of pace and an escape to the relaxing ambiance of a resort by the sea.

The resort is located in Barangay Caluwayan, Marabut, Samar about an hour’s drive from Tacloban City passing thru the famed San Juanico Bridge and on along the Basey-Guiuan coastal road.

Caluwayan Palm Island Resort & Restaurant is surrounded by Marabut’s famous towering rock islands and islets with coves perfect for snorkeling, kayaking and other water sports activities.

The resort has a couple of cottages and beach villas including an executive cottage furnished with a jacuzzi. Currently under construction is an infinity pool and water cottages.

~ by gerryruiz on 20 May 2008.

21 Responses to “Easy getaway: Caluwayan Palm Island Resort”

  1. Is this resort in the interior part of the Basey-Guiuan coastal areas? We drove through this highway when I went home to Tacloban in 2006 going to Guiuan but I did not see this resort.

  2. Hi Marlou! The resort is right along the highway, not in any interior part, about 45 mins to an hour’s drive from Tacloban City. Perhaps their signage wasn’t up yet when you drove through that time. 😉

  3. Hello Gerry,

    Didn’t bother to tell you about this place thinking that you have already covered it before. Totally forgot that it was not fully developed yet when we started to go back and forth to this place.

    Anyway, thanks for the beautiful pictures. The interior of the cottages are world-class and meticulously designed by the owners. If you notice, you will see that the cabanas have sufficient lighting at night. You can see a switch and lamp but the wires are nowhere to be seen, to think the support posts are solid sea-seasoned wood. Your enthusiasm shows in the pictures you take. Kudos!

  4. Hi Nongski,

    Yes, we have been a frequent guest at Caluwayan since it first opened in late 2005 and got acquainted with the owners. Ludette has helped them market the place since then. 🙂

    We used to explore this coastal area – from Brgy Basiao, Basey all the way to the falls near the boundary of Lawang, E. Samar (well past the present location of Jasmin Resort) way, way back when the road was still being constructed and there was no electricity yet. There were times when we just set up camp underneath a cliff in some remote beach in the area. This was like more than 5 years ago. 😉

    I never had the chance to post photos of them (mostly taken by my 1st point ‘n shoot cam) at my current photoblog. Some, however, are posted at my old photosite, http://gdr.callezaragosa.com/Phil_scenes_p1.html


  5. Interesting and nice photos here…
    The place must be very beautiful…

  6. Thanks, Dodong! Nice of you to drop by here 🙂 Best regards to fellow MIP’ers! Haven’t been able to post there for sometime. Medyo na-busy 😉

  7. I definitely have to check this resort out in December. Looks very picturesque and the water is very clean.

  8. gus2 kong bumalik sa place na to dhil super ganda tlga at nkkarelax!! lalo na ung fud d´best!! keep it up kuya rey ung cook hehehe..sobrang sarap tlga..miz ko na ung mango shake at clubhouse sandwich nila d´best tlaga!! friendly rin mga ngwowork jan..cla marvin.miz u guys!!

  9. hi!
    do you happen to know their rates? or can you provide me their contact info?

    • This is a nice place. I have visited this place twice way back 2010 together with my family and my students. Its a wonderful and amazing place.

  10. hi gerry, i got here while searching the net for marabut. Great pictures. Similar to Bianca’s question, can you post here the resort’s contact info (or website)? thanks …

  11. Hi Bianca and Kiko. A simple google search easily led me to the following:


  12. Hi, I’m Lheng. We are supposed to go have a vacation in Tacloban City during the summer of 2009. I’m now looking for a great beach resort near Tacloban, my officemate from Samar told me it’s nice in Marabut. Good thing I found this site…

  13. how much is the open cottage? is there a corkage fee if we bring our own foods? 😉

  14. Hey Mang Gerry, do we need to catch a boat to get to Marabut? Is it an island or on the Samar island itself? We’re thinking of driving there… speaking of driving, what’s the best time to go there? My parents & relatives are constantly advising us against going to Samar because of the NPAs daw. So be there early and leave early? (Kinda like what you advised me regarding Canigao). Thanks a lot

  15. Hi gerry! Do you think it’s possible to have a beach wedding here?

  16. nice pictures, sir. when i saw your pics for the first the time, i decided to book an accommodation at caluwayan this holy week… i’m so excited 🙂 thanks for the beautifully captured caluwayan.

  17. Is there a corkage fee if we bring our own foods? 🙂

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