Davao City at dusk

Up in the hills of Davao City at Dencio’s (higher than Jack’s Ridge) our team composed of cousins & friends set up to unwind after a long trip from Bislig, Surigao del Sur, and witness the end of day so far away from home. It was my 7th time or so to visit the city but my first time to take photos from up there.

The view was magnificent as we witnessed the short period before and during twilight, as the city’s late afternoon view was slowly being engulfed by dusk’s partial darkness and well into the early evening.

The beer was soooo good and refreshing. 🙂

Photos taken April 28, 2008.

View the full gallery here…

~ by gerryruiz on 8 May 2008.

3 Responses to “Davao City at dusk”

  1. Nothing beats coooold beer, but beer undergoes some kind of osmosis, the way I understand it, when confronted with these awesome scenes. Don’t you feel it sometimes? Like, just imagine the whole scene – foliage, mist, water and all – slowly melting and vaporizing itself into some kind of thin air with all the flavor coming with it and making its way through the glass wall of the beer bottle. You made me sooooo thirsty with these awesome takes, man! Well, if it’s the other way around, it becomes reverse osmosis. Simple. Meaning, you got to the “one-beer-too-many” point. Cheers, my good man, and enjoy your very enviable trip, wherever you’re headed next.

  2. hi, you did have a wonderful time as evidenced by these photos.

  3. Hi Je! Well, it was arduous but fun! 😉

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