New look for Tacloban Balyuan Amphitheater?

Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez has announced plans to rehabilitate the Balyuan Amphitheater in time for its use as the center of activities for the forthcoming city fiesta this June.

Mayor Romualdez said work would start anytime this month.

The rehabilitation is not temporary in nature intended only for this year’s fiesta celebration June 29-30, but more of a permanent one so that the amphitheater could also be used for other purposes.

The mayor didn’t elaborate how he intends to redevelop Balyuan, except to say that the amphitheater would be “covered.”

Could it be that what he had in mind as “cover” would be something like this? 😉

Cheers to all! 🙂

~ by gerryruiz on 13 April 2008.

28 Responses to “New look for Tacloban Balyuan Amphitheater?”

  1. Pwede…. 🙂

  2. tapos na ba yan? o proposal pa lang?

  3. “Could it be that what he had in mind as “cover” would be something like this?”

    I posed a hypothetical question hehe 😉 Definitely, waray pa mag-tikang an rehabilitation work. Unta matapos before fiesta. 🙂

  4. Gerry, glad to see that place being rehabilitated. We (Coco, Naro, Rico & Pablo) did a concert there years ago. We had a great time except it was delayed for hours because of “brownout” hadto nga panahon. But it was fun. It was actually the idea of Jeff Hargaten (ex-Peace Corps volunteer) who frequented “Payon-Payong” and was sponsored by San Miguel/Coke.


  5. That really looks great.

  6. would be great to have something like this in our city; I’d like to see a more artistic concept, one that would stand out and be very easily identifiable like the Sydney Opera House. The stage could be set up on stilts above the water

  7. that looks great. if that were to be permanent, it would make for a very good revival of the area!

  8. so where is the tower then, in the original name balyuan tower? i know that it was dilapidated long time ago. are the architects unable to do a rendition with still the main focus being the tower itself?

  9. Hi Jaime. The old tower was torn down years ago as its dilapidated condition was a hazard to the public. I have no idea whether there are plans to revive the “tower.” Unless they want to drop the word from its original name.

  10. I know why that “tower” was built… hahaha!

  11. i don’t know if making it permanently covered is a good idea…kasi bagan natatabunan an view, ngan di ba mas ganado it nakikita naton it langit/stars/bulan kun na-istambay kita didto hiton gab-i…mas na-feel mo it outdoors kun nakikita it kalangitan, mas presko…

  12. diri gad.. kahaluag daw hit magsaysay boulevard …i know mayda it hira plans para magsaysay boulevard kay dako it potential hit lugar..

  13. Bida kamo nga duha Era ngan Martian.. aktibo gud kamo han iyo mga panahon ano dida ha Balyuan ???.. wahihihi iyo mga statement amo gud an mahilig cge date date. Hi Era kay an view han mga bituon ngan bulan. He Martian han iya lolo kabisado it lugar hinduro klaro gud la na mahilig mag baktas along Magsaysay tapos tigda nawawara kun naagi na ha Madona of Japan hahahaha…

  14. Gerry,

    Looks great! I think an open arena is better. Hope the cover is strong enough- kay kon may typhoon malolokba gud iton.

  15. I had happy memories in Balyuan, hahaha, pero hin-o ba nga taga-Tacloban waray maka-experinence hin “night under the stars, clear skies and full moon with a stunning view of the water, nga may ka-holding hands…..hagiiii those were the days gayud…balit baga concern la ako na makaka-guba it close amphitheatre hit kahusayan hit lugar. ngan diba may Astrodome na, kun may ada affair na kinahanglan indoors, pwede naman didto himo-on di ba…

  16. i like your idea.. era … OK, Mayor, leave Balyuan memories alone!!! hehehe.. ig additional na la ito pan-paupay hit aton merkado lugod… altho i salute you for your efforts na paupayun aton merkado… 🙂

  17. Pano man kun diri pirmi nagawas it stars? Pano man kun pirmi mauran? hahahaha

  18. Bida Martian amo gud an imo ig karadto ha Magsaysay kun nagsisisirum…… hahaha

  19. Gerry, did you know that we actually lived there, where the Balyuan is now? We moved to San Jose when i was in Kinder, my informative years started in Magsaysay blvd, city hall was part of our playground, we use to walk to Libertad for Oct 20 parades and fiesta carnivals it was all good memories. That place I would say is part of the Santiago’s history, it would be great to see new improvements and then i could always say proudly that we used to live there.

  20. Unta mag rebuild hira hin mas maupay nga tower.

    May mga happy memories gihap ako dida ha tower.
    Danay na istambay la anay ako dida kahuman pag skul.
    Nag papalupad hin banug-banug labi na kun summer ngan mahangin.
    Nakaon didto hin bbq upod it akon pamilya.

    It problema la hito nga project kay mawawara an maupay nga hangin, pagkikinita dida han mga bituon pati hit bulan ha kalangitan, diri na maupay pag istambay dida hit hagdanan kay mapaso na ito dida.

    Pero mas labi pa it problema kun ig utod nira an mga puno dida mga ligid hit Balyuan.

    Gerry, ano na didto an old Remas Colon site?
    Any developments there?
    Pati an ira kuno pag kuha han DYVL tower didto?

    Gerry, salamat hit imo mga updates hit mga dvelopments han akon hometown an Tacloban, sige it akon kita hit imo blog tikang didi ha Ireland.
    More power and God Bless!

  21. Thank you for your comments, Steven. I’ll try to give you feedback on things I know of, but not much on those I have no idea about (besides, remember this is a photo blog, not a forum type 😉 )

    I don’t think the new Balyuan would obstruct the view of the bay, certainly not of the sky and the stars – Magsaysay Blvd is one long stretch!

    Sorry, I have no knowledge about the old Remas Colon nor about the DYVL tower controversy.

  22. it’s fine!

  23. i don’t get much updates on tacloban these days as i’m sumwer in the mideast and the last time i actually got one, was like a few days back saying that the ampitheater was hit by typhoon “frank”.whatever the said ampitheater is intended for,bottomline i guess is if it would be beneficial to the pipz of Tacloban and not just for some other people’s interest.

  24. Gerry, have you taken the typhoon Frank aftermath pictures of Balyuan. It was said that it could withstand such typhoon. I guess sub-standard materials were used again.

  25. Sad to say that the structure collapsed during typhoon “Frank” last June 20.

  26. Mr. Gerry any pictures on the collapsed structure?

    Thanx and more power!

  27. View photos of the collapsed structure at

  28. I hope they redesign the structure….

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