Kitchie: How to Beat the Summer Heat – Part II

Yes, we all need a time to get away from it all, don’t we? Pets included.

Introducing our spoiled bunso (youngest), Kitchie – a Japanese Spitz-Poodle mix breed.

When we took her with us to San Pedro Island in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte during the Holy Week break, she naturally took to the water like fish! 🙂

The photos show her in her energetic, hyper mode.


The bunso Kitchie at left, with the rest of the family – Miki, Nani, Marti & Ludette at San Pedro Island, Hinunangan, So. Leyte.











View more photos >>> Kitchie’s gallery 

~ by gerryruiz on 24 March 2008.

2 Responses to “Kitchie: How to Beat the Summer Heat – Part II”

  1. wow. very nice dog! i have a japanese spitz too, but i have to drag him to the water.

    btw, i have setup a social bookmarking site for Pinoy contents. please visit

  2. lol. she knows how to swim, i think she’s a better swimmer than me. hehe. Philippines is really one great place. the water looks so refreshing to my tired eyes. Hoping to get there someday!

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