How to beat the summer heat

Holy week has always been for me one hot, humid period specially in Tacloban and the Visayas region, which marks the beginning of summer. With the continued onslaught of La Niña’s unpredictable rains and thunderstorms lately, it seemed like this week was not going to be all sun this time.

Today’s weather, however, was something else – it suddenly turned hot, as if officially announcing: Summer’s here! The oppressive heat suddenly reappeared and the family now looks forward to having a summer break.

We were in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte recently and Ludette and I were fortunate to grab these shots of Butch, a friend’s pet of mix pedigree, showing us the way how to beat the summer heat.

Take it from Butch, here’s how he does it (at least 4 times a day we were told):













Have a meaningful and enjoyable Holy Week, everyone!

Photos by Ludette & Gerry Ruiz 🙂

~ by gerryruiz on 18 March 2008.

7 Responses to “How to beat the summer heat”

  1. Good enough, Butch. But don’t you think you could have lowered the temp better if you had that nice head under water for a few secs?

    As usual, truly impressive shots, Gerry. We had one heck of a ball at home last Saturday with Pacquiao winning and Melvin making hay of my parlor grand. Sayang no skype available even with Peter, Tani, Uncle Sam and the rest of the geeks being here.

  2. Thanks, nongski! Yes, ’twas a close call for Pacman.

  3. Wow, Butch is tickled pink with his photos. Butch is now the star of Tahusan Beach. Very impressive pics.

  4. cinematic! great, gerry!

    thanks for the refreshing scene of Butch bathing in the Hinunangan sea

    – Joycie Dorado ALegre

  5. Thanks a lot, L@nn & Joycie for the great feedback!

  6. I have a 2-year old black labrador retriever here in Canada, he likes swimming in the lake and the sea near our place in Vancouver. I’m thinking of bringing him one day to the Philippines, to visit the birthplace of his master. Or maybe it’s too much for him to endure the 30degrees tropical heat, being used to cold Canadian environment.

  7. Hey Raul, I’ll walk my dog instead for you… actually my dog would not even need me to walk around places and “eat”… yeah, places like Washington, Hongkong even USA! My dog might not be a labrador but he can be a kobrador for rides passing through (Washington Building, Hongkong Department Store and Utap-Sampaguita-Apitong crossing). My dog’s name? It’s Buritikbutikon na may tinigbasan ha irong. (Man, I’m good at rhymes!) Maybe nakaharaw hin masag ha kaluyo nga balay ada gin tigbas! Maaram ka naman ha aton – may nabibilin pa nga mga tawo nga may talent manigbas heheheh. Peace, Raoul! Just for laughs 🙂

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