Tacloban’s new Bus Terminal

My post on the current Robinson’s Mall development as well as on Gaisano Tacloban’s plans has generated a lot of interest from this blog’s readers. Naturally, our kababayans, specially those currently based in faraway places are just too eager to hear “development” news from home.

I also learned that there are still those who are unaware of the operation of the new Tacloban Bus Terminal located at Brgy. Abucay, Tacloban City which has rerouted city-bound public transpo traffic coming from all over the region.

This multi-million-peso project of the city government, financed through a loan from Land Bank of the Philippines and Postal Bank, is among the largest transport terminals in Region 8 and is expected to accommodate the anticipated growth of traffic in the city and hopes to decongest traffic in the Rizal Avenue and Real Streets.

A road has been constructed from the Leyte Progressive High School in Anibong, Tacloban and connects to the Diversion Road in Brgy. Abucay.

Buses are no longer allowed to enter the main city thoroughfares; those coming from the south turn at the Coca-Cola rotunda towards the Diversion Road and on to the new terminal, while those coming from the north go straight to the terminal. There are PUJ’s (Multicabs) which ply the Downtown-Bus Terminal route.

The new bus terminal includes a Commercial Building, a Wet Market, as well as Dry Market buildings some of which are still under construction.

Here are some photos of the new “Tacloban Land Transport Terminal” which actually started partial operations August 15, 2006.






Photos taken September 10, 2007.

Here’s a Google Earth view of the site’s exact location in Tacloban City (click for larger view):


  • With thanks to Google Earth.

~ by gerryruiz on 5 March 2008.

24 Responses to “Tacloban’s new Bus Terminal”

  1. Sir, magpost ka pa! I love the pictures. I really miss home… huhuhuhu, I hope there would be more!

  2. The new terminal is very spacious and clean! This can pass for another downtown, right? I think the neighboring vacant lots are a sell out.

    I think in 2 to 5 years, dami nang establishments dyan…

  3. The design of the buildings and landscaping doesn’t look too great. Who designed these buildings?

  4. HG, sorry I have no idea who designed/constructed the project.

  5. From the Google Earth view, it looks like the New Bus Terminal is indeed strategically located. We can see where future growth of the city will take place. This idea is a winner. Great aerial shots, again! Thanks, Gerry!

  6. ka gerry, salamat han mga litrato. makarit nga kodaker. have you taken fotos of the flooded V&G especially the latest flooding? What’s the city/provl. govt. or the V&G residents doing about it? I heard that it has become a big health danger for the residents too. Are V&G real properties still worth anything? I heard some rumors that the city govt. is not doing anything to alleviate the flooding problem so that some city bigshots can start buying the flooded real estates at VERY CHEAP prices. I hope it is not true.

  7. The bus terminal road is a wreck… the road has not been fixed for more than a month or two now after the heavy rains… They have been collecting toll fees yet where did the funds go? If ever it’s paid to the loan they have made, they shouldn’t forget to have the road fixed for the convenience of daily commuters. Are they planning to fix it or even finish the road? When? They should at least inform the community about their plans.

  8. i hope our present politicians there in leyte, as well, as in tacloban city would always be aware in evaluating every project they propose to make… may projects nga kaso hindi naman maganda. sometimes they’re useless…

  9. I do not intend to say that these buildings and the site planning were designed by a CE, but by the looks of it I have a very high suspicion that it is. Sadly, many of our LGUs had been misguided by the notion that CE’s can practice architecture and site planning. The result are degenerated quality of the built environment.

    As the chairman of the Professional Board of Architecture has said: “It is now time for the rightful regulated professionals to do the job and to render services to a public that has long been deprived and confused by the CEs’ ‘selfish’ insistence that they are ‘fully capable’ of doing the architect’s work.”

  10. I heard many negative comments about the new Tacloban bus terminal all of which can be summed up to its being a white elephant. Most of the commercial spaces aren’t occupied and commuters are complaining of the absence of a roof that render vehicles sun-baked. Being a loan-financed project, some consider it an unwise investment.

  11. abucay road from downtown is pretty much a muddy/dirt road. i hope it is widened and properly landscaped with native plants. coconut lined would be nice n inexpensive. the terminal itself looks ok. the buildings are not much to look at, waiting area is dark, but airconditioned. i think it was 3 pesos to use the toilet, which was clean, but had no water for handwashing. plenty of food vendors inside the main building… but the outside stalls were mostly vacant. why is there a toll booth?

  12. uhmm…hopingly, may info dito nxtym kng san mkkpg-aply about dyan sa upcoming robinson tacloban!
    thnx sa blog n toh…

  13. woa, ada ‘tak anak hito nga lugar… ay la, ma-uli naman ak hin maka damo ak hin kwarta! 🙂

  14. May ada hine telepono hiton schedule og taxi tikang ha airport pakadto hine nga terminal? Address nga iksakto og telepono para mabaroan iton schedule kon tipakain iton distinasyon…salamat

  15. In most cases, schedules are not regular and subject to change (or kun puno na it sarakyan, as usual) except for a rare few. 😦 I doubt if they have a centralized office where you can inquire bus/van trip schedules. You will have to inquire from a particular bus or van line. What usually happens is you have to go to the terminal and ask their drivers/dispatchers directly. Airport vans will take you to this bus terminal.

  16. Maupay ini na imo mga pix. Mauli-uli na tungod hini na imo trabaho…pag-uswag hiton Tacloban. Maupay ini kun imo ma-estoryahan iton terminal management parti hiton schedule of departure and arrival for main municipalities ngan ig post dinhi, i.e. provide a link. After all, you have disseminated information about this terminal more than any other else, I thought. Ma-patron guihapon kami didi ha Houston/Tacloban, June 28. Damo iton na aro ha akon hiton Calle Z URL. Napa-usa la hira kun ano katukib ako hiton Tacloban. Damo nga salamat…hagain.


  17. Thanks for the suggestion, Babang. We’ll see what we can do. Afterall, I’m just the (piano player) photographer hehe. Balitaw, tell your friends the easiest way to find my site is just to google “gerry ruiz” or “calle z” or “tacloban” and they will find calle Zaragosa or my photoblog in the results. 😉

  18. unta maayad na hin ma-upay it bus terminal para manguli na kami dida ha tacloban… pati it SM matindog na guihap unta… bembemADLC

  19. Am an architectural student doing my Masters’ degree in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, and am to do a bus terminal design as my final defense. As I checked online I stumbled upon these pics, they don’t seem too bad. Can I get some of the design principles in designing a bus terminus as well as picture views of how other spaces relate to one another/ organizational flow…

    • Thanks for writing, Mr. David, but sorry I can’t help you more as these are the only photos I have. I am also not an architect; I am just a photo enthusiast.

  20. kunta ipakita it kada barangay,
    namimis ko it paseo de legazpi,
    barangay 65,
    pwede po ba makit an?

  21. bro ruiz, may ada ka yana bag-o nga picture hiton nga bus terminal, kay mauli ako yana nga june sa samar by plane it am plano asya nga kun may ada na makaka-unan ngan mapapalitan hin mga pasalubong diri na kunta kami maagi ha sm or robinson para magrocery, damo nga salamat bro, and thanks to his website this is really very helpful…

  22. Wow!!!! Nice bus stop…….. Great view of photos….

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