The Best of Calicoan Surfing Crown ’07

When we covered the Calicoan Surfing Crown ’07 last October, I had several apprehensions – among them, whether my camera zoom lens would be able to get up close to the surfers, the risks involved in shooting while facing the mighty Pacific Ocean winds, and how fast I’d be able to post-process the photos taken.

The three-day affair generated more than 5,000 photos which easily managed to eat up more than 15GB of my laptop’s storage space. Post-processing involved selecting/discarding photos and narrowing down the selection to 160 photos for the final web gallery.

It was mind-boggling and nauseating, to say the least.

Here are the updated photos we took of the Odyssey Waves: The 4th Eastern Samar Surfing Crown ’07 held October 8-10, 2007 in Calicoan Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar.

Calicoan Island – avidly being promoted as the next surfing capital of the Philippines – had its “most important event” of the year which drew local surfing enthusiasts from as far as Baler, Quezon and La Union and, of course, saw the participation of the best surfers from Eastern Samar.

The surfing event was organized by the provincial government of Eastern Samar headed by Gov. Ben Evardone, municipal government of Guiuan headed by Mayor Analiza Kwan, the Department of Tourism R8 led by Director Karina Rosa Tiopes and the Surfriders Club of Eastern Samar Inc.

Calicoan, aside from being the new surfing destination of the country, has a lot of tourism potentials – from unspoiled white sand beaches, natural lagoons to virgin forests. It is a 3- 1/2-hour drive from Tacloban City over well-paved roads.

View the full gallery (160 photos). With additional photos by Ludette Ruiz.

Here are some of the photos taken:













View the full gallery (160 photos).

View the final results of the surfing competition here.

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Calicoan Surfing Crown ’07

~ by gerryruiz on 10 February 2008.

6 Responses to “The Best of Calicoan Surfing Crown ’07”

  1. hi, sir gerry, i’ve been lurking ur photoblog for quite sometime now and i really like your photos. i am also a fellow taclobanon (and photography enthusiast) based in qc for 11 years now and seeing your photos of leyte kinda take away the homesickness. would you please allow me to add you on my links list? thank you.

  2. Hi, Jenny. By all means, I’d be more than glad to have you include my site in your links list. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Hi gerry,
    Going to Tacloban and wanted to find some surf spots. Please email me with some directions or help.
    Thanks, Craig

  4. Hi Craig, email forthcoming… thanks for dropping by.

  5. wow!! super!! ganda ng pics mo pre!! huhuhu i’m from guiuan and i super miss my hometown, thanks for posting my fave spots in calicoan!! jahbless!!

  6. I hope you’ll have more features about Calicoan Island. I’ve been there and it’s really a paradise.

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