Tacloban: old and new

I have this vintage aerial photo of Tacloban which I found in the web, taken in 1945 by Adam Lewis, an American pilot with the Allied forces during MacArthur’s campaign to win back the Philippines from the Japanese empire in WWII.


Not much has changed – would you agree? – with my photo taken September 10, 2007: 😉


~ by gerryruiz on 21 December 2007.

3 Responses to “Tacloban: old and new”

  1. wish you could take other pictures too of the city: for example the wharf, wet market, etc. and if you could find some old photos too and compare them to today, circa 2008 – just a suggestion. thnx again!

  2. First of all thnx for the effort in promoting Tacloban i highly appreciate it Gerry.:) ..But regarding your question, i’m afraid i would have to disagree. With the far aerial view, probably yes, but if you would have to look into the city itself well, i would say a lot of changes. You could even start comparing from 1980-1990 with now. 🙂 ( 10 la kay mahilaba na hinduro )
    1.) the street lights (you could notice the change if you are fond of climbing VICTOR’S PEAK in APITONG)
    2.) the cleanliness (compared as before )
    3.) the food chains
    4.) the good schools
    5.) the nice Rizal Park and Balyoan Park
    6.) the new terminal
    7.) the public market compared as before (UNBEARABLE SMELL),
    8.) the well educated and civilized people (girls are now more beautiful 🙂 ) and their lifestyles
    9.) the NICEST GYM!!! i mean with the landscape surrounding it
    10) at least waray na an mga “blue pollutant small jeeps, ” not to mention the name, na kanihanglan pa hin angkla para maka break or maka liko hahaha…
    Gerry i guess if you are like me who have been away from tacloban for more than a decade now (Cebu and now working in Makati) but still continues to go home every year, i’m sure you will have the same view like mine:) CHEERS!! 🙂

  3. Hi John2X,

    The question was in jest & yes, I couldn’t agree with you more! 🙂

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