Tacloban’s Christmas Park





Not to be outdone, the Tacloban City government under the helm of Mayor Alfred Romualdez and Councilwoman Cristina Romualdez has turned Rizal Park in front of Sto. Niño Church into a “Christmas Park” with a giant Christmas Tree at the center of the park surrounded with parol-decorated trees and booths selling Christmas goodies and gift items.

Conceptualized by Don Dolina, there’s a nightly show and a little “suspense & grandeur” fireworks with a live Santa Claus much willing to pose for photos with children and the family.

The Giant Christmas Tree, designed by Architect Grace Garces, stands 15 meters tall and boasts of a total of 1,777 star parols and a big white star at the top. It has 4 large audio speakers inside the 6-level structure with additional rope lights and kutitap lights, plus 333 red and pink parols put up in the trees around the park.

All star parols were made by inmates of the Tacloban City Jail at a cost of P70,000.

The giant Christmas Tree was lighted on November 28.

~ by gerryruiz on 15 December 2007.

13 Responses to “Tacloban’s Christmas Park”

  1. Just as one thinks the creative juices of Taclobanons have been squeezed nearly flat comes this wonderful creation that can only make one’s heart and stomach swell with pride. The colorful parols can never be less than fantastic and are truly heartwarming. I can almost hear the music coming out of the gaps made by the multi-colored parols but I can’t go further without tears welling up my aging eyes as well. Happy Holidays to all, Taclobanon style and flavor and all!!!

    Nongski @ d’ OC

  2. Awesome!

  3. Thank you, Nongski & Mila for your feedback. I am truly glad I have connected with you guys and gave you a picture of home. Part of it, anyway. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  4. Gerry,

    It really is an awesome sight! Nadugang la it akon kamingaw.
    Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones! Hope to see you in June ’08.

    tex & family

  5. Gerry,thanks for sharing this magnificent sight,it was a brilliant idea and the thought that the inmates made all the star parols makes it more amazing.

  6. Tex and Marlyn, salamat han iyo pag-bisita! Holiday wishes to you and the family!

  7. What an impressive sight! I hope Tacloban is not only beautiful at Christmas time but always. I’m sure Mayor & Mrs. Romualdez can make Tacloban a great city.
    Thanks Gerry for sharing this to the whole wide world.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. What a magnificent tree, so far the most impressive and artistic I’ve seen. It might not be the most “glamorous” and glittery tree, but it sure is very unique. I can just imagine the time, energy, hard-work and artistry that was put in to make it – thumbs-up to all the people who made this tree possible! And thank you also kuya Gerry for sharing this with us all Taclobanon… MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  9. Wow, Tacloban, what a giant Christmas tree. W/ all the lights, does that mean, no `brown-outs’ anymore? It gives everyone a chance to enjoy looking at the best ever decorated Christmas tree. A a long time ago, the Kiwanis Club, made one but it didn’t last long. Anyway, Maupay nga Pasko ngadto han mga Taclobanons and other towns, ug kumusta ngadto kan Dr. Blanco, (Doc, aanhi na hi Jesus han iya Second Coming in His true spirit-man) – hi imo papa may request, ngadto han imo sister (is it Marilou or Marilyn) siring niya it mga Duran urupod pa niya, and he said that when you were five years old, darad-on ka ngadto ha ospital nga amo iton nagkagusto ka magin doctor, ug siring niya `pagbuotan.’ Merry Christmas to Sim Soledad and Gerry Batch `71 LNHS. Where do you attend for the `simbang gabi?’ Don’t forget to ask for forgiveness if you cannot accept this fact. Kay ano daw la nga pinoy pa maaram hini nga spiritual information?

  10. truly, tacloban has changed! wish i was there! thnx a lot mr. gerry ruiz for sharing such a beautiful photo! maupay nga pasko from france! joyeux noel et bonne année!!

  11. Well, I’m not one of the “”Taclobanons” and I don’t know so much of this place because I was born and brought up here in Manila. But, my boyfriend is… actually he’s from Tolosa, Leyte… so he’s able to share with me some things about his hometown… Hey boy… it’s really amazing!!! I hope I could visit the place someday. Mr. Gerry Ruiz… thanks for sharing those photos… though I’m not a Taclobanon, still it made me feel proud to be a “Pinoy”… go fly high!!!!! I SALUTE YOU ALL TACLOBANONS!!!!

  12. thank you for showing us this beautiful picture, it reminds me of home.

  13. Recently spoke to my very close friend Grace Garces who pretty much directed me to look into this site. It’s not that Grace is a friend, but this Christmas tree is truly a work of ART and with such creative pure raw talent! It is amazing! It’s the best Crhistmas tree I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I wish I was there to see it.

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