Military adventurism, media insecurities, atbp

Rebel military forces, the Magdalo group of Sen. Trillanes et al, under court hearing procedures for an earlier rebellion case, stage a walk out and hole up at Makati’s tony Manila Peninsula Hotel for a “press conference.”

Here’s my take of it all:

  • They really don’t get it, do they? “They” – both pro-gov’t & anti-gov’t – do NOT realize that the MAJORITY of Filipinos are goddamn tired of it all – of politics, politics, politics! Corruption, corruption, corruption! Of politicians, corrupt officials and power-hungry opportunists coming from all sectors – the wanna-be-politicians, military, clergy, media and what-have-you.
  • Trillanes, Gen. Danny Lim et al’s posturing of doing the faddish “silent, peaceful dissent” of yore falls flat on the face considering they did their act with fully-armed supporters, broadcast in national, international TV at that. Fact is, they were waiting for military defections and general public support to follow, ala RP-style People Power ad infinitum of old. When it didn’t materialize due to clouded assessment of the general public sentiment, oh, well… maybe, next time…
  • In fairness to Trillanes et al, they were able to manage well and use the media for maximum exposure. Heard Trillanes will run for president next elections. Hmm, sarap talaga ng power, no?
  • Classic line: Trillanes: “Nothing will happen after 3 o”clock!”
  • In fairness to GMA and the “wetness” guys, they elevated stage management of the crisis to the “Rule of Law” theme, putting it on a 1st World, politically-correct, on-top-of-it-all, bench-preceding (for RP standards, i.e.) level. Hmmm… sikat na naman ang Pinoy! Watch the stocks soar tomorrow – buy! buy! buy!
  • National media, particularly the ABS-CBN, show their ignorance on post-operative Police work when all guys holed up at Manila Pen – media people included – are hauled off to Bicutan for accounting and/or debriefing stuff. Only shows another common Filipino trait – grandstanding when opportunity knocks or kulang sa pansin. If only to gain added pogi points (sakit ng tear gas, no!) Whew! Kala ko mature na tayo!
  • It’s crazy when they, the media, starts to think Marcos is back, Martial Law deja vu. Jesus!

Update: For all their political naïveté, Trillanes et al, however, raised very valid issues re proper governance and much-needed reforms for the nation. I hope the admin’s business-as-usual stance doesn’t spell finis to addressing these vital concerns. Otherwise, the cycle would never end.


TV screen grab: tanks force their way in, into the lobby of the kewl Manila Peninsula, 29 November, 2007


Filipinos love freedom. Birds included. At a price, of course.

~ by gerryruiz on 29 November 2007.

4 Responses to “Military adventurism, media insecurities, atbp”

  1. Klarado nga sinusumhan na it mga tawo hin bisan ano nga tinonto nga mahitabo o tikang ha Manila. Kinahanglan i-divide na iton Pilipinas into at least 3 states para diri na makaapekto it mga kalurungan ha Manila hiton kinabuhi hit two-thirds hit nasud. Iraha na la iton…magpakabuhi na la it mga taga-Visayas ngan Mindanao!

  2. I still believe that there should be more Filipinos who should take a firm stand and say enough is enough of this s…ful dispensation. But we can’t leave our comfort zones, so we let the brave and the true like Trillanes do the dirty job for us. He failed – so he got brickbats as a power-grabber military adventurist. But had he succeeded – he’d have gotten all the sycophants to lick his boots… Hallelujah G! she gets to celebrate her victory with a European tour. No, she’s not selfish – she treated the congressmen who did her a good job for a grand vacation!!!

  3. I fully agree: more Filipinos to take a firm stand, yes, but not of the kind who has to pay PhP10,000 per soldier and Php200 per rally participant to posture you up and cry against heaven. And where did the rest of the millions go? Free lunch and the best coffee in town is a tad idealistic. 🙂

  4. If Trillanes wants to “save” his Country, then he should not have took part in the Manila Pen Incident.

    He said “Nothing will happen after 3 o’clock!”
    But something did happen! he was imprisoned…again.

    I was watching on the morning of November 29, 2007 the Sky News Channel at my apartment here in Ireland. Then I saw something familiar…it was Trillanes’ face! I saw him saying, “We are not afraid!” and “We are trying to save the country!”

    In the afternoon, I went to Sky News again and I heard the Sky News broadcaster talking to a voice that you always want to hear…it was Mike Enriquez of GMA news!

    At that moment, the Soldiers loyal to Arroyo were already storming the hotel with the big tanks and the guns, etc.

    That was a day in Philippine history we can all filipinos remember!

    I have a question: Gerry, how did you feel watching the coup on TV? I felt a bit strong, because that became one of the memorable moments in Philippine Regime Change Attempts, which I was really witnessing!

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