The following was published as a sidebar to the main story on Eastern Visayas which appeared in the September 2007 issue of the Mabuhay magazine, the inflight mag of the Philippine Airlines.

by Gerry Ruiz

Biliran used to be a sub-province of Leyte until it became a full-fledged province in 1992. It basks in natural splendour with rich, untapped natural resources. It is only a two and a half hour drive from Tacloban over a scenic and winding terrain with views of towering mountains.

This young province has so much to offer to nature lovers. Among them, white sand beaches at quiet and serene islands like the Higatangan Island with its shifting sand bar and natural rock formations and Dalutan Island, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. It also has natural springs, unexplored caves, and many waterfalls that some have not been fully explored yet.

On my latest trip with my family, we went to a remote waterfall aptly called, Tinago that means “hidden.” After parking our vehicle in a cleared area, we heard the sound of the waterfall emanating from somewhere below the jungle growth. We then took a walk of about 100 meters down a winding, narrow trail. What greeted us was a truly refreshing sight – Tinago Falls with clear, cool water falling off from a towering ridge several stories high and gathering in two lagoons where everyone could jump in for a cold, invigorating swim. Surrounded by a virginal forest, one cannot help but feel close to Mother Nature.

Next time, we plan to bring camping gear so we can watch the stars and the fireflies dance accompanied by the music of the cascading waters of the waterfall.


Tinago Falls


The famous “shifting” sand bar of Higatangan Island


Dalutan Island. Across the strait at the beach front are the resorts of Agta Beach.

~ by gerryruiz on 28 November 2007.

9 Responses to “Biliran”

  1. How do you do this, Mano Gerry? Put so much soul into a photo 🙂 Thanks to you, these days when i go around the Biliran countryside on inspection trips I look at the scenery with new eyes; awed at how truly beautiful Leyte is. Higatangan can beat Boracay anytime!

  2. Thank you, Helen, you’re so kind! 🙂 Yes,indeed, we are so fortunate for being blessed with natural wonders.

  3. I wish to go and visit your place. It’s good to know that despite of all the problems facing our country, there are still some things to be happy about.. viewing the photos amazes me. It’s really good to go on a trip somewhere to relax one’s tired soul…

  4. taga dito family ko… promise kung nature lover ka, dito ka na pumunta… so relaxing!

  5. maganda din sa bool cave.. sana mapuntahan nyo.. 🙂

  6. i also want to go there…i’m a nature lover..

  7. this is my hometown thanks for the pictures

  8. We’ve just been to the Tinago Falls two days back. Maybe my relatives and I could camp there too the next time we visit. I’ve heard about Dalutan Island, unfortunately we didn’t get to visit it. We didn’t see Higatangan Island either. I’ll make sure we go to those places the next time we visit.

  9. We’ve been there many times and we keep on coming back! Summer is the best season to enjoy these wonderful places! We make sure to visit these places every time we visit Biliran!

    I agree! Higatangan Island can beat Boracay any time! ^^

    There are more beautiful places in Biliran! I enjoy the Masagonsong pool! The epic pool without chlorine on it. So cold! ^^

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