Superpower visit: Taking up the challenge

The Leyte Gulf Travel and Tours (LGTT) travel agency was given the advance notice of the upcoming visit of the USS Reuben James. Understandably, due to reasons of confidentiality, everything was done hush-hush. But this left so many factors hanging up in the air until a day or 2 before the actual arrival of the US frigate.

LGTT was tasked to offer varied travel & tourism services for the ship’s contingent of over 200 officers and crew – arrangements and bookings for hotel accommodation, transportation, local tours and referrals to points of interest in Tacloban City.

The challenge was head-spinning, with no thanks to the stormy, windy weather and rough water-taxi ride from the wharf to the ship which dropped anchor off Dio Island at Leyte Gulf.

The LGTT staff headed by Ludette Ruiz were among the first civilians to board the ship. They set-up a “mini-office” at the ship’s Mess Hall to offer its services and entertain inquiries on what the city has to offer.



Head-spinning experience for May, Nani & Ludette of Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours after visit to the US frigate.

View photo gallery of the USS Reuben James’ visit to Tacloban City.

~ by gerryruiz on 26 November 2007.

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