Turning *gasp* 94

It must be pretty amazing when you turn 94 years old with all of your faculties in great shape. I mean, how many among us know of someone reaching that age who remains in the pink of health? Most of us half that age already talk mostly of having this and that kind of ailment!

Most denizens of Avenida Veteranos, Tacloban City, specially alumni of Divine Word University (DWU-Tac) would know Mana Taling Basas Dagsa and Mana Lourdes Dagsa  Renomeron. They were proprietors of D & P Store & Dormitory at the corner of Avenida Veteranos and Paterno St. where students (mostly of DWU, a few from LNS & LNHS) would hang out then. Before that, they had a store in front of LNLS so “Normalista’s” would know them (thanks, Monsi!)

An aunt of ours (on the side of our grandmother, Regina Lago Saturno Dolina), Mana Taling celebrated her birthday yesterday at their cozy and quaint home in San Joaquin, Palo, Leyte where she and sister Mana Lourdes keep themselves to nowadays. On hand to celebrate with them was Maribel Renomeron, daughter of Mana Lourdes, who flew in from London to attend the occasion.

Mana Taling turned 94 yesterday, 6 years shy of the century mark. Old enough to know better, how does one view the world – and life, in general – at that age?



Mana Lourdes, 80 and Mana Taling, 94.

~ by gerryruiz on 20 November 2007.

3 Responses to “Turning *gasp* 94”

  1. Gerry,
    Mana Taling is so blessed. I met her last July during the fiesta in San Joaquin. Yes, I agree with you that it is truly amazing to be 94 and still in the pink of health.

  2. Tita Taling and Tita Undeth,
    Kumusta na kamo; miss ko na kamo! Waray na ako makaka-uli, dibali pag uli ko ngada mapasyada kami ngada ha iyo.. more bdays, more blessings…

  3. to nancy ano kaba nancy 96 na hi tita taling yana…hi tita taling tiya ondet kumusta? nanay musta..hinay kamo pirme dida, see you ha mayo mauli ak…

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