Lake Danao, Tongonan

A half-hour drive further up the Tongonan national road, some 15 kilometers northeast of Ormoc City , sits Lake Danao National Park with its famous lake.

Stretching 3 km long, Lake Danao is a figure 8-shaped lake situated 2,600 feet above sea level amid forested mountain ranges, prominent of which is the Amandiwin.

With its cool surroundings and placid waters, Lake Danao is a postcard-perfect picture of peace and serenity. Great therapy for those tired of mundane, stressful, metropolitan living.






~ by gerryruiz on 9 November 2007.

25 Responses to “Lake Danao, Tongonan”

  1. ang ganda naman jan pa.. punta tau jan nxt tym 🙂

  2. I went to this place last summer and I can see you really captured this place’s beauty and more. Thanks. I really enjoy these photos.

  3. how do you get to Lake Danao from Ormoc?

  4. Les, your options are: 1) take a public-utility passenger jeep or bus or motorcycle/habal-habal (check them all out at the bus terminal near the pier in Ormoc), 2) hire or rent an airconditioned van (also at the pier area/bust terminal), or 3) use a private vehicle.

    From Ormoc on the way north towards Tacloban, there is a Y intersection where going left leads to Tacloban, and going straight is the road leading to Tongonan Geothermal Plants of PNOC. Take this Tongonan route.

    Of course it would be wise to have someone with you, specially the driver, who actually knows how to get there. If you think you’re lost, don’t hesitate to ask for directions from the residents around. They are friendly.

  5. Any idea how much a rented van costs for a round-trip to Lake Danao?

  6. One more thing Sir, does the place charge any entrance fees, or any fees for that matter? Thanks again.

  7. ang ganda ng lake danao sa ormoc, leyte. it’s so solemn a place that everyone wants to go there. the surroundings is so cool – so breathtaking it makes one feels good. perfect antidote to a stressful job. come and have a vacation at my homeland ormoc city, leyte. hehe

  8. Ian, approx van rental Tacloban-Lake Danao-Tac is between P4K-5K. Definitely cheaper from Ormoc since it’s only 15kms (30 minutes) away. Entrance fee is minimal (wala pa atang P20/head, not sure though).

  9. 4K-5K MAHAL naman, GUESS u can rent a van from ormoc to lake danao for 2k, and the entrance fee is only 5 peso per head, u can rent a cottage there for only 75 pesos the smaller one and the bigger one is 150 pesos, don’t forget to try their floating cottage they only charge 150 per hour. there are other things u wanna try like the bangka, i forgot how much is the charge but don’t worry it is definitely cheap…….enjoy guys and have fun:)) ormoc rulez!!!!!!!!!

  10. hello sir gerry,,ur blogspot is great:) keep it up:)

  11. nice photos… i really miss my birth place – at Brgy Lake Danao

  12. amh;;;;hi nice kaau ang view sa lake danao

  13. me also, i really love this place because, 1) it’s clean; 2) it’s a “virgin” lake; and, 3) the place can be very cold just like in baguio city. enjoy your vacation in lake danao!

  14. pwede bang mag fishing dito? thanks.

  15. the lake looks like a perfect habitat for tilapia and dalag/haruan. is overnight stay allowed? thanks for the info.

    • There are no facilities for overnight stay in the park although I heard there used to be one at the DENR station there. Pitching camp would be at your own risk if it’s allowed. We stayed at a nearby training center of an NGO, at Brgy Milagrosa, a few kms from the lake.

  16. thanks again, gerry 🙂

  17. btw, do you remember what kind of fish they caught? do you know how deep the lake is? what else is there to do in ormoc? I really appreciate all the help. thanks gerry 🙂

  18. I have a plan to go there as a gift to myself after 5 years of endeavor in my studies! I have also my classmates in Tongonan. See you there!

  19. First time I came over to Lake Danao was when my boyfriend then – now husband – took me there which I think made me fall more in love with him. It was so serene and the sight was breathtaking. After three years in the US we went back home and revisited this place together with our two sons, my mom and my in-laws. It was awesome!

  20. Thank you so much for posting these pics. it brings back happy and pleasant memories.

  21. I would like my wedding to be held in Lake Danao… can you help me arrange for this big day?

    • Hi, Icing! Sure, it would be our pleasure to help you out and arrange things for your dream wedding! Email me more details at gerry-at-callezaragosa-dot-com. Or call/sms +639173060168 🙂

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