On the road again… to Calicoan!

We’re off to Calicoan Island this Monday, October 8 for the 4th Eastern Samar Surfing Crown 2007 Odyssey Waves Surfing Competition!

Dubbed as the island’s “most important event” of the year, the 3-day affair (Oct 8-10) is expected to draw both local and international surfers out to vie for the crown. (For their PR announcement, head here.)

Truth to tell, I’m not really a surfing fan; what’s revving up the excitement is the photo ops this event presents. I’m having butterflies in my stomach, fully apprehensive on how to get real CLOSE to the surfers to be able to get action shots that really matter (the Canon 70-200mm L IS lens seems inadequate to get that close.)

For those unfamiliar with Calicoan, the island is one big rock and the site where the waves display their awesome prowess (and where the surfers love ’em) is on the eastern side facing the mighty Pacific Ocean. It’s not like you head out to the beach and the waves fall at the water’s edge; nope, the island rock juts out about 100 meters under knee-deep water and drops, as from a plateau, straight down into unknown depths – that’s where the water breaks and the ocean’s mighty force explode them up into giant waves. It’s been cited as one of the “best A-frame reef breaks in all of the Philippine archipelago.” No wonder many say it’s bound to be the country’s next surfing capital, after Siargao, Surigao. 🙂


Surfing area: the white sand stretch facing east shown at bottom of photo above (photo courtesy of wikipedia).

And the strong winds coming from the open sea can be kinda intimidating – think of all the salt content smacking right up and into the innards of your treasured photo equipment! *shudder*

Calicoan Surf

Facing the vast and mighty Pacific Ocean at Calicoan Island (taken 2004).

I hope the weather cooperates and I’m able to grab great shots of this upcoming event. Can hardly wait. Watch out for the photos here! 🙂

  • [Calicoan Island lies at the southern tip of Guiuan, Eastern Samar. It’s roughly a 3-hour ride by car from Tacloban City, Leyte.]

~ by gerryruiz on 6 October 2007.

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