Birthday thoughts

It’s my birthday today.

I got myself a new Canon EOS 40D as a birthday gift. It’s one of Canon’s latest salvos in the ongoing digital camera war among the top brands (Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony, etc.) released mid-September 2007. I’m aware it’s a powerful machine and a pretty intimidating one. There’s a saying among serious photographers which goes, “Hinde nasa pana yan; nasa pumapana yan!” I’m sorry but I’ll have to disagree after a cursory examinaton of the new toy – may sinasabi rin ang pana! Now, if only I’m able to digest this tiny but complicated owner’s manual…

I remember when I was young and upon opening drawers of my parents I’d come across handwritten notes and small journals in tiny spring-bound notebooks containing entries like, “pamasahe – 10 centavos, viand -.75, lugit 175, etc…” No, they didn’t have computers then; everything was done manually, handwritten.

They were recordings. Valuable records. And the photos.

The photos were sepia, faded. I used to wonder why all their pictures had a certain “look” in them. My venture was it was a combination of both fashion and the state of camera and photo printing technology prevailing then. (Freeze! Hold it! Don’t move! *puff!* there goes the flash!)

Now we have digital photo recording technology. Records. They momentarily freeze time. (To the photographer, it’s a tool which enables him to re-live a moment – a widget to combat the passage of unmerciful time. Ain’t that great?)

I had a cousin who never wore a wristwatch. When asked why, the standard reply was, “I don’t allow myself to be a slave of time.”

Time as a measure of passage, is man-made. So are birthdays. But…


We went to Hinunangan, Southern Leyte yesterday, passing through the new Abuyog-Silago road. Here are photos, nay, records of young trees in a newly “reforested” area, taken while I was driving (the photos are not sharp – sorry, gee, we were cruising!)

I’m certain if you check the place out 20 years from now – these trees will be mighty tall and strong. Mother Nature would surely be proud then.



Updated March 30, 2008: View my post on Silago, Southern Leyte posted today.

~ by gerryruiz on 2 October 2007.

15 Responses to “Birthday thoughts”

  1. Great job, Gerry! You are really inclined to the Arts. Keep on perfecting that God-given talent. The photos make me feel more homesick and how I wish I’ll be able to visit those places someday.

    By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

    lnls class of ‘67

  2. Just like wine your talents ameliorate with time – old hats are billboards of finesse and augustness and you are my friend. Belated nth Birthday!
    dada rose

  3. Thanks Dhel and Rose! Just shows an old dog still can learn new tricks hehe 🙂

  4. Hello Gerry!!!
    Belated Happy Birthday. Ano – nag-on-the-house ba ha callezaragosa?
    Great photography!!! Maybe now, you’ve found your true calling. Keep it up.
    Regards to Ludette & Family.

  5. Nice photos…
    Belated Happy Birthday…

  6. Salamat, Dodong! Glad you dropped by!

  7. Dream Camera ko na yan! (T_T)

  8. Thanks, Solo for the feedback. Setting the standard for the advanced-amateur category of Canon EOS DSLRs, the 40D is the alternative choice when one cannot afford Canon’s high-end pro series models (yes, pretty much more expensive) like its flagship, the 1Ds Mark III (full frame sensor) or even the 1D Mark III (1.3x sensor crop).

  9. Great job Gerry! your photos are tops

  10. happy birthday, and what a great present to give yourself. i am wanting a new camera so bad, but it might be awhile because i need the $$$ to buy one LOL

    anyways, i always enjoy your photos. i’m planning to try and get to the philippines next year (hinunangan, so. leyte area).

  11. first of all belated happy birthday, thanks for posting beautiful pictures of my Silago..keep up the good work and congrats on the Canon 400D…that is one of the best cameras…

  12. Belated happy birthday Gerry, the pictures really intensify the beauty of nature in Leyte. It’s good to have you around with your good aptitude … Anyway, what specific camera would you recommend for beginners? . . .I’m planning to own one before my vacation…thanks and regards.

    • Thanks for the greetings, Elmer. 🙂 Re camera for beginners, it’s hard to just recommend something because it would really depend on your current level of skills, preferences and, more importantly, your budget. There are lots of choices nowadays for beginners – from the simplest Point ‘n Shoot ones to entry level DSLR’s. You have to assess your current skills and preferences and also your vision of how you want to grow into photography. I would be wary though of getting the cheapest models for it might turn out to be a waste of money if you find out later on it was too simple for your taste and needs. First thing you have to do is do some research in the internet on ‘digital cameras’, ‘popular camera models’ and read the reviews. Narrow down your choices based on your preferences and do further googling on those models. Finally, go visit a camera outlet and, if it’s possible, handle and get the feel of each model in your hands. Some compact point ‘n shoot models already offer advanced features found in DSLR’s. I cannot speak about other DSLR models except for Canon which I currently use. For beginners, the latest entry-level Canon models are 450D, 500D and 1000D.

  13. I think the pictures above showed my father’s (Lito Palanca) reforestation project. Thank you very much for including them in your website. I’m proud that it captured your interest, especially on your special day.

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