Cadac-an River, Abuyog, Leyte

The municipality of Abuyog has several rivers and creeks and many of them merge and feed Cadac-an River which serves as a major outlet into the Leyte Gulf. Abuyog is the natural southern boundary separating the provinces of Leyte and Southern Leyte. One passes over this large river with the newly-opened Abuyog-Silago road.


~ by gerryruiz on 2 October 2007.

11 Responses to “Cadac-an River, Abuyog, Leyte”

  1. Hi, Gerry. I just found your blog here by accident. You’ve got interesting photos here. By the way, my mother’s origin is from Albuera, Leyte. Unfortunately, Leyte is one of the parts in the country I haven’t visited yet…
    Oh, I hope you don’t mind the intrusion 🙂

    P.S. I like your template. It’s really for photoblog. The header is superb 😀

  2. Thanks, Dodong!

    Albuera is just next to Ormoc, on the western side of Leyte facing the island of Cebu. If perchance you happen to visit Tacloban, give me a call; we can have a bottle or two. 🙂

    If you didn’t notice, I’m back at MIP & uploaded a few pix.:)

  3. May I suggest another page just featuring Leyte’s and Samar’s rivers? This might be asking too much. Perhaps you can invite others to share their river pictures on your website.

  4. I only have a few shots of some rivers around the region; not that much. I will certainly take on your suggestion. Will post them here soon. Thanks for the suggestion, Jerome. 🙂

  5. Hi Gerry,Do you know of an apartment to rent for 1 month in BayBay,Leyte? Shower,cable & t.v. ? Salamat!! Joe

  6. i hope u’d also post pictures here of my hometown which is Carigara, Leyte… kuya gerry, salamat kasi may blog ka dito na talagang para sa’tin lang…

  7. hi gerry, i’m mhel 39 years old living here in laguna. as i search places in abuyog, the cadac-an river catches my attention… just letting u know that half of the land there is owned by my grandmother from my mother side. am just having a sentiment as i remember my childhood days living and growing up in that place… sometimes during harvest time (coconuts for oil) my mother would bring us there…

    • hi mel, may i know the name of your grandmother? i happen to know my friend whose grandfather also owns a part of that area. you are probably closely related. pls, can u tell us the name? thanks!

  8. Hey Gerry!!! have u visited Brgy. Malopalo in Samar.. There’s a river nearby with a scenic rock formation… I hope you post pictures of it… Kinda reminds me of my love affair in Palawan…:)

  9. I am very much amazed to see this river! I can’t believe that someone will post this online! Across Cadac-an is Can-aporong where I grew up. I miss my hometown very much!!!

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Gerry Ruiz!

  10. i am very much thankful to you, mr. ruiz… for me, you’re the best photographer…

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