Welcome to Tacloban!

Here’s a photo I really love (one of my favorites) – taken at sunrise across Cancabato Bay, Tacloban City, capturing a plane (I won’t mention the airline) from Manila about to land at the DZR International Airport in San Jose, Tacloban City.

~ by gerryruiz on 25 September 2007.

9 Responses to “Welcome to Tacloban!”

  1. Guin ano nimo adto pag kuha han 2 nga shots….GREAT ONES, of MacArthur’s famous landing memorial? By chopper?

    May deperensiya la lugaring iton akon monitor…that is why it is not giving me the real color. I would have appreciated more and gotten more of your chiaroscuro of contrasts with that sunrise and mother-and-daughter tandem.

    Ano iton brand hit imo digital camera?

  2. Hello, Gerry. This shot got me by the “you-know-where.” Ok-by the **lls. With the sun itching to rise above the dark clouds, the plane’s silhouette basks in the glory of stealing the show as it sharply contrasts with its grayish background courtesy of the clouds trying to give the sun a hard time, yet unknowingly doing the iron flyer a huge favor – highlighting its majestic silhouette.

    Nothing can erase a cherished memory when on a dare, friends of mine crossed this stretch of Cancabatoc Bay to the other side, caught a few fish on the way, gathered our drinking paraphernalia and had a feast grilling our catch and having a day in the sand. Make no mistake about it – I have enjoyed this view since I can remember. More juice to your blog! -Nonong

  3. Hello Bai,

    I used a Canon EOS 350D 28-135mm IS USM lens. Actually your queries prompted me to write a post on technical stuff – photo equipment. You’ll find this on top of the sidebar at the right under the Pages heading.

    The mother-daughter tandem and the plane landing at DZR Airport were taken from the same spot – at the fenced area (I was outside, along the road, and used the fence to steady myself as I didn’t have time anymore to set up my tripod) at Sagkahan along the Cancabato Bay. Yes, at sunrise, around 5:40AM or thereabouts.

  4. Wow! That’s all I can say. I won’t attempt to be as poetic as Mano Nonong but this is just breathtaking. It’s just so fitting that it was along Cancabato Bay that Papa told me to “be thankful you grew up in the countryside” and it’s this picture that was all around us that time. Can I link you up?

  5. Hi Raissa! Sometimes we forget the simplest yet beautiful things around us.

    Would be more than glad to link up with your site. 🙂

  6. Hi! I’m an aspiring photographer as well, but I’m not using the high-end camera which I can’t afford as of now. Most of the shots I’ve taken I just base on lighting and angles hehe. Anyways, I love your pics; looking at your pics just makes me miss more my hometown – Tacloban!

  7. Thank you, Radz. With the advent of digital technology, photography was suddenly shoved up into the limelight. With photo-equipped cellphones and the like, a lot of dormant photo enthusiasts now are given the opportunity to get into it. Really great! 🙂

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  9. Tacloban Airport need a propoer transport to city for touris at present tourist are force to wait for long hours riding jeep so called pinoy way of wasting time in traveling
    make way for modern way and time saving method of traveling

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