DOT Inter-Regional Caravan

Ludette & I had the chance to visit the countryside last mid-August as we were part of Region 8’s contingent in the Department of Tourism’s Inter-Regional Caravan that saw us cover the Caraga Region (Region 13) moving up to Eastern Visayas and onto the Bicol Region (Region 5). We traveled by bus and took a total of 7 boat rides for the duration of the 8-day caravan! It was tiresome, yes, but quite rewarding too, to say the least. It’s really true – the Philippines is awesome! 🙂

As expected, I managed to accumulate tons of digital photos in our laptop, even after experiencing a terrible disaster when, at one point in Legaspi City, I deleted more than 500 photos from my camera’s memory card (containing all my photos for that day) when I thought they were already transfered to the lap top’s hard disk (the photo transfer process obviously miscarried.)

I will be posting more of them here once I’m done with the editing and post-processing chores.

Here are samplers taken at Lake Mainit – the fourth biggest lake in the Philippines, which lies between the provinces of Surigao del Norte and Agusan del Norte in the island of Mindanao. This one was taken along Mainit, Surigao del Norte.

The trimaran we rode on to view scenic spots around the placid lake with lots of interesting white rock formations (the water is sulphuric). The islet at the background is shown closer in photo below (taken from the other side on our return trip hence the lone tree appears to the left of the white rock islet).

A bird finds her perfect pose before a choice backdrop for this shot.

~ by gerryruiz on 25 September 2007.

6 Responses to “DOT Inter-Regional Caravan”

  1. You couldn’t have posed the bird better had you done it yourself…
    SWELL pic!!!

  2. Hi,just wanted to ask where is the terminal of the cruise you took?How much per person?

    • Hi Maria,

      The trip was a one-time caravan organized by the Dept of Tourism, which covered 3 regions. Sorry, but there’s no such thing as a regular “cruise”.

  3. Oh,ic.Thanks for your reply anyway.Have a good one!

  4. Gerry, I just found your photos in a google search for placid lake. I love the shot of the bird in this post. I wonder if you would allow me to use it (with a link to your site) for a post I recently wrote on “allowing what is” on my blog on meditation. Let me know. Here is the link to this post: Allowing What Is – Meditation

    • Hi, Benjamin. Ok, go ahead use the photo. Photo credit and a link back to my site would be good enough. Pls let me know the final post’s URL once done.

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